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Accelerated Freefall

AFF level 2 by Mike McNultyAccelerated Freefall is one of two 'learn to skydive' UK skydiving courses and is a route to becoming a qualified skydiver. Also known as AFF, it's Intensive, fast-paced and you can experience freefall on your very first jump.

After one full day of ground-training you will have learnt all the skills needed to make your first skydive from 15,000ft, accompanied by, but not attached to, two expert instructors. You will then open and, fly land your own parachute.

We offer the AFF level 1 course as a unique introduction to the world of parachuting and skydiving which allows you to try it out first. If you fancy something a little more challenging than a Tandem Parachute Jump, its great as a one-off freefall experience, .

The full 8-level Accelerated Freefall course is the best way to learn to skydive and attain your licence as a qualified parachutist allowing you to jump at skydiving centres across the world.

  • Jump solo on your very first sky dive from 15,000ft.
  • Open, fly and land your own parachute.
  • Be cleared for unsupervised freefall in as few as 7 jumps.
  • Work towards obtaining your skydiving licence.

Skydive Hibaldstow also offers another method of learning to skydive called Static Line Parachuting.




AFF lvl1
AFF Level 1
AFF lvl1
AFF Level 3
AFF lvl1
AFF Level 7

What does AFF Level 1 involve?
Accelerated Frreefall jumpFirst Jump Course (2 days)
Before you can jump you will complete an intensive day of ground training with one of   our British Parachute Association (BPA) qualified AFF Instructors.

The UK AFF training consists of (times are approximate)

Day 1

  • Arrive 8.30am for registration.
  • 9am Your course starts with a Dropzone orientation.

During the day you will learn:

  • How your parachute equipment works and how check and fit it.
  • How to board and exit the aircraft.
  • How to maintain the correct body position, monitor your altitude and deploy your parachute.
  • How to recognise the airfield and land your parachute.
  • How to deal with any unforseen situations or emergencies.
  • There will be a break for lunch around 1pm.
  • The course will finish between 5 and 7pm with a written test.

Day 2

  • 8.30am refresher training with your instructor.
  • Get kitted up and enjoy the 15 minute ride up to maximum altitude.
  • Exit the jump aircraft with your two dedicated AFF instructors who each have thousands of jumps.
  • Receive in-air coaching from your instructors who will be falling alongside you holding onto your harness.
  • Experience about one minute of freefall at 120mph and deploy your own parachute.
  • Fly and navigate your own parachute for around 5 minutes and then land back on the dropzone.
  • Meet with your instructors to debrief the jump and collect your solo skydiving certificate.

The AFF ground training can be both mentally and physically tiring and it's best to start fresh in the morning. The ground training takes one full day and you should plan to stay overnight or come back soon after your training to make your first jump. For safety reasons we require you to return and jump within one month of your training.

If you do not live locally then we strongly recommend staying onsite or nearby rather than driving a long distance before your course starts.

Find a List of local accommodation here. Skydive Hibaldstow has private and dormitory rooms available as well as free camping.

Full 8-Level Accelerated Freefall Course.
AFF over LincolnshireThe full AFF course consists of 8 jumps or 'levels' after which a student can progress onto unsupervised free fall.

After your first AFF Level 1 skydive, because you are building on what you have already learnt in the initial groundschool, the training for each of the new AFF levels takes less than an hour and so you can now make several jumps per day, weather permitting.

AFF Level 1: All students start with the same one full day of ground-training.
See AFF First Jump Course for more information.

AFF Levels 2 and 3: Skydive again with your two instructors but they will be able to give you a bit more freedom and both should be able to release you on the Level 3 jump. You'll really be doing it on your own. You will need to show us that you can monitor your altitude, hold a good body position, control your orientation in the sky and deploy your own parachute before moving onto the next levels. 

AFF Levels 4 and 5: Now that you've shown us you've learnt the basics you only need one instructor with you. On these jumps you'll practice controlling your 'heading' or direction, starting and stopping turns, progressing onto 360 degree turns on Level 5.

AFF Level 6: For the first time, you will be jumping out of the plane without an instructor holding onto you. Level 6 gives you the chance to demonstrate you can regain stability by performing a back loop with recovery and then practice tracking, an important skill that allows you to move forwards which is essential once you start jumping with other people.

If all goes to plan your instructor won't need do hold onto you at all on this jump, but they will be right there just in case you need a hand.

 Student landingAFF Level 7: Now you've learnt all these new skills you'll be asked to show us them in a sequence. Once your are proficient in these areas and your instructors are satisfied with your performance, you can be cleared to jump without an instructor with you in free fall.

AFF Level 8: A solo skydive from 5000ft with just a short delay before opening your parachute completes your training. This skydive is to simulate an unplanned low altitude exit.

Unsupervised free fall: A minimum of 10 'Consolidation' jumps without an instructor must be made before you can become a licensed skydiver. Your instructors will still be working closely with you giving you new things to try in free fall and you'll receive further canopy control training helping you achieve your canopy handling grade one certificate (CH1).

Provided you refresh your ground training at least every month and jump every two months, there are no additional costs for this. Please be aware that you have to pass each level before continuing onto the next skydive. Sometimes it is necessary to repeat a jump and these re-jumps are at an additional cost.

How Can I complete the AFF course
Because the training for each new AFF Level takes around an hour, once you have completed the first jump course (Level 1), all your training is then one-on-one with your instructor on a per jump basis.

  • You can return to the dropzone as and when you have time available or the weather looks good.  You don't need to book, just give us a call to let us know your plans. Skydive Hibaldstow is open 7 days a week in the summer and only closes on Tuesdays in the winter season.
  • Start your training on a Friday and jump on the weekends so you don't need to take much time off work.
  • Stay with us for as long as you would like from a few days to a week or more and complete the course in a short space of time. Accommodation is available onsite

AFF Residential Week Course
We offer one week courses over the Summer months June, July & August. Click here for more info

AFF Residential Skydiving One Week Course

Spanish parachuting holidaysSkydiving in Spain
Why not combine learning to skydive with a holiday in southern Spain?

Included is the full 8-Level AFF course, consols, accommodation and DZ transfers in the price. So all you need to do is book your flights and get to the airport on time.

Click here to find out more -  One week skydiving holidays at Skydive Spain.


NEW!  Skydive Algarve
We now have a third dropzone in Portugal where you can learn to skydive over the stunning Algarve coast check out for more details 

What is the difference between AFF & Static-Line?
Student parachuting
Accelerated Freefall is the only sky diving course that allows students to freefall wearing their own equipment on the first jump, as opposed to Static-Line where the parachute is opened automatically upon exiting the airplane.

AFF students jump from 15,000ft and carry out a series of drills during one minute of freefall before opening their own parachute, whereas static line parachute jumps start from 4000ft.

Both training courses entail one full day of teaching in the classroom. AFF courses are limited to 4 students per BPA qualified instructor, however Static Line can be taught in groups of up to 12 students.

Solo jumping without instructorsAs Accelerated Freefall is designed to be completed in as short a space of time as possible it does require a greater initial capital outlay, unlike static-line which can be paid for on a per jump basis but is a much slower way to learn to skydive. Overall the costs will not be dissimilar.

Both courses can lead to an internationally recognised qualification as an A-licence skydiver.

When can I start?

AFF First Jump Courses take place weekly all year round. Training is suitable for both Full 8-Level course students and those wishing to start with a Level 1 only.

Book now for 2015

  • Jan - May & Sept - Dec : Wednesdays and/or Fridays
  • June/July/August : Fridays
    (Sundays available for full course students or residential weeks)

Upcoming Places Still available (correct 02/10/15)

  • Friday 9th Oct - 1 place
  • Friday 16th Oct - 4 places 
  • Friday 23rd Oct - 4 places
  • looking for later dates? Just call or email us for availability...

AFF groundtraining runs all year round but please bear in mind that skydiving is a weather dependant sport.

Skydive Hibaldstow is host to the British National Skydiving Championships annually and therefore training dates in August are limited. There is no student jumping at all over the first 4-way FS Competition weekend of 22nd - 24th August 2015 and lmited the following weekend. 

One week AFF Skydiving Holidays 

Why not visit Skydive Spain or Skydive Algarve for a winter sun skydiving holiday...

How do I continue the course after my Level 1 skydive?

Because the training for each new AFF Level takes less than an hour, once you have completed the first jump course (level 1), you can jump again as soon as you would like.
If you have already booked the full course, or our residential week, then you will simply continue with the course.
Alternatively you can return to the dropzone as and when you have time available / the weather looks good.  You just need to give us a call to let us know your plans so we can add you to our diary.

If you want to book the full course then you might prefer to stay with us for a few days or a week at a time but we can be flexible to suit your schedule. 

Please note 'currency' requirements apply to solo skydiving students.

Skydive Hibaldstow Airfield Opening times 2015

October - March Closed on Monday & Tuesday
Sept,Apr & May Closed on Tuesdays
June, July & August Open 7 days a week
Christmas Closed from 14th Dec 2015
   Re-opening Saturday 9th Jan 2016
Weekends 7.30am - dusk
Mid-week 8.30am - dusk

There are some restrictions for solo skydiving, these are outlined below:

  Min Age Max Age BPA Fitness form signed by doctor Max Weight Body Mass Index
UK Accelerated Freefall 16 with parental consent 49 Age 40 to 49 (or with medical conditions at any age) 15st / 95Kg Must be within height:weight ratio

BMI skydivingWeight
The maximum acceptable weight for solo skydiving (both AFF and Static Line Studnets is 15 stone / 95kg fully clothed.
As well as being under this overall weight limit - 

All students must be within their recommended Body Mass Index (height:weight ratio)

Check your own height on the chart here to see the maximum acceptable weight. 

A reasonable level of fitness is also required.

Exceptions can sometimes be made for those with a good level of fitness with a high BMI due to muscle mass, however assessments are made on an individual basis at the Chief Centre Instructors discretion.


  • Overall age range 16 - 49.
  • Age 16 – 17: The minimum age for solo skydiving is 16 years. A parental/guardian signature of consent is required on three forms (the centre membership form, the BPA solo student declaration of fitness form 114a and the BPA membership agreement) which will be provided upon booking.
  • Age 16 – 39: Will be required to sign a BPA Solo Student Declaration of fitness form 114-A. Those unable to sign the form due to medical conditions or injuries must bring a copy signed and stamped by their doctor instead.
  • Age 40 - 49: The maximum age we accept for solo skydiving courses is 49. Those aged 40+ must bring a fully completed BPA Solo Student Declaration of fitness form 114-A signed and stamped by their doctor along on the day of training.

Medical conditions and notes
Red sky diverPlease bear in mind that the full day of ground training does require students to be able to concentrate in a classroom environment for long periods of time as well as understand and apply basic principles. The written test section of the groundschool is designed to highlight any elements that a student may not have fully understood so that the instructor can re-visit those areas. If you suffer from learning disabilities then please contact us in advance.

We regret that certain medical conditions may prevent you from taking part in a skydive. These include -  epilepsy, some cardiovascular and neurological conditions, some forms of diabetes and recurring injuries such as disclocations. A full list with notes can be found on the back of the medical form. You can also contact the parachute centre on 01652 648837 if you have any questions.

You can download a copy of the BPA Solo Student Declaration of Fitness form 114-A. Kindly note that we cannot accept letters or notes from doctors – this particular form must be used.

Full list of restrictions

Your Safety
Skydive Hibaldstow is a British Parachute Association affiliated dropzone and we demand the highest standards from our instructors and staff. Our primary concern is for your safety and we reserve the right to refuse training to anyone we suspect may be unsuitable.

All students weights and heights are checked on arrival.

Please also note that all solo training is assessed and only students who pass both the theory and practical elements of the ground training will be permitted to make a solo skydive.

Accelerated Freefall Course Prices

Prices Per Person Level 1 Only Full 8 Level Course
1 person £375 £1450
2 people £350 £1400
3 people £325 £1350
4+ people £300 £1300
A deposit is payable in advance leaving the balance payable on arrival at the airfield. AFF Level 1 deposit = £75 / AFF Full course deposit = £300 per person.
DVD And Photo Package per level : £90

The AFF Level 1 course includes one day of training, the first skydive with video debrief and required BPA membership (P6).

The Full AFF Course (1 jump per level) includes video de-brief, AFF manual, logbook, goggles & gloves. It also includes 1 Months BPA membership.

Residential Course

Course Deposit Balance Payable on Arrival Total Cost Includes
AFF Residential week £300 £1225 £1525 5 nights shared onsite accommodation, breakfast & lunch (April - Sept only)
£75 per person (includes 5 nights shared accomodation, breakfast & lunch April - Sept only)
Consolidation Jumps £35 Or 10 for £330
Accommodation £6* per bed per night (shared dormitory room)
Accommodation £22* per private room per night (sleeps 4 people in two bunkbeds)
* An additional refundable key deposit of £10 applies to all beds/rooms

AFF Repeat Levels (Rejumps)
Much as the dropzone centre staff want you to pass each AFF level, you are not guaranteed to do so as there are certain exercises you must carry out to a sufficient standard. In the event that you have to re-take one of your Levels then rejumps are charged at a discounted price.

How to book
AFF Level 1We will need the following details for every jumper to ensure they are within the restrictions:

  • Name
  • Age, weight & height
  • Contact mobile phone number & email address
  • Preferred training date and an alternative
  • Payment of the non-refundable deposit

You can book by:

  • Phone – call and speak to one of our skydiving advisors on
    01132 505 600.
  • Book Online and your payment will be securely processed.
  • Email your details to our Booking Office and we can call you back or send you a secure paylink.

Cancellation Fees
Please note that places are limited on our very popular AFF groundschools here in Lincolnshire, and so if you need to postpone or re-arrange the date of your training please contact us as soon as possible. If you are unable to get in touch with our main Booking Office please try the airfield directly. Emails are only responded to Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm.

We reserve the right to charge the following cancellation fees if we are unable to fill your place

  • Less than 14 days notice £30 per person
  • Less than 7 days notice £50 per person
  • Less than 48 hours notice / non-attendance £75 per person