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Equipment Sponsorship

Skydive Hibaldstow has been fortunate enough to host the National Championships for many years. In recent years the event was kindly sponsored by a wide range of manufacturers listed below:

Sunpath containers
Parachuting helmets
L and B Audible alitmeters
Freefly jumpsuits
Sunrise Rigging logo
FS Jumpsuits Sumbiosis
Altimeters Alti-2


Welcome to the Skydiving Shop. We have a walk in shop at the centre which is open 6 days a week. You can also purchase our product range over the telephone via mail order. Contact the dropzone on 01652 648837.

The dropzone has an extensive collection of equipment on offer from a wide variety of manufacturers.

Special Package Deals

This Christmas we have some special offers combining our best selling products together with some awesome discounts. Please be aware, each of the offers below can be customised by changing the products to suit your needs whilst still being applicable for the great discounts.

  • A Licence bronze- Galaxy alti, plastic hook knife, Benny Helmet = From £165
  • A Licence silver- Galaxy alti, plastic hook knife, Skysystems edge helmet = From £285
  • A Licence gold- Galaxy alti, plastic hook knife, Benny helmet, Solo 2 audible = From £300
  • B Licence- Phantom/Cookie G3 helmet, Viso 2, Solo 2 = £590 or £620 inc VISO mount
  • Student Pack- Hib summer gloves, large log book, log book holder, flex clear goggles = £46 or £56 inc Hib summer buff
  • Winter Pack- Hib thermal top, Hib winter gloves, silk glove liners, Hib winter buff, 1 pack handwarmers = £61

New Clothing Range

Clothing for skydiving

Click above for more information.

Canopies, Containers, Helmets, AADs
We have dealerships with Rainbow Suits, Performance Designs, Sunpath, Mirage, Wings, Icarus, Parachutes De France, Thomas Sports Equipment, Parasport Italia (Z1), Sky Systems Ltd, 2KComposites (Fuzion), Tonfly (Converter), Airtech (CYPRES II) and Vigil. In addition, we can source other equipment not listed above directly from the manufacturer.

Helmets now in stock: 2KComposites - Fuzion EX Freefly helmet.

Icarus Safire Mirage container Skydiving helmets CYPRES 2

Jumpsuits, Goggles, Audible Altimeters, Camera Accessories
Skydive Hibaldstow sells a lot of jumpsuits due to our popularity as a team training dropzone. We have dealerships with Rainbow Suits, Parasport Italia, Tony Suits, Symbiosis Suits, Boogie Man, Birdman, Aircare, Sonic and Matter. In addition to our skydiving goggles range, we sell a wide range of camera accessories such as camera cases, bite switches, Cam Eye II, wide-angle lenses, mounting plates, Newton eye sights. We also stock the entire product ranges of Larsen & Brusgaard and Alti2.

Freefly and formation skydiving jumpsuit Skydiving goggles Camera gear Gloves and thermals

We sell our own custom range of gloves which are similar to Neumans tackified gloves, but at a lower cost. In addition, we also sell Thaw silk glove liners.

Clothing, DVDs, Books, Logbooks
The centre also sells a wide range of skydiving clothing, much of which has been designed ourselves by our regular skydivers. The latest range of DVDs on the market are also for sale,