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With the close of the season looming in the background of December, it was time to lighten up a...
With the close of the season looming in the background of December, it was time to lighten up a...
We've settled in a little now as the winter starts to loom, but we still get beautiful days, and...

Why Skydive Hibaldstow?

Tandem jumping in the UKThere are many skydiving centres (Parachute Training Organisations) in the UK which offer jumping courses, so why should you choose Skydive Hibaldstow? We are a British Parachute Association affiliated centre. This means we operate our centre to the highest standards in safety.

It is a well known fact that to become a parachuting instructor under the BPA, you have to pass the hardest instructional system in the world.

A few more reasons

Why you should choose us to do your first jump course:

  • One of our instructors is a Britsh Parachute Association Examiner. He helps to develop the sport and set new standards in safety.
  • The instructors at our centre have combined jump numbers in excess of 30,000 jumps and over 75 years experience.
  • Skydiving cameramenWe have been the host to the British National Championships in skydiving for 15 years.
  • If you are looking for high altitude sky diving then Target Skysports is the best place to jump. We fly up to 15,000ft with our fleet of turbine aircraft.
  • The manifesting system at the dropzone is recognised as one of the most efficient in the country. We specialise in a speedy turn around, which results in less waiting time on the ground. Many formation skydiving teams choose to train at our centre in preparation for the National Championships which are held here.
  • The location of the dropzone is on an old World War II airfield. Consequently, we have a large area to land and few hazards.
  • Skydive Hibaldstow dropzoneWe offer a photo and video package for our Tandem and Level 1 AFF customers. This involves a cameraman being allocated to you for the duration of your jump, taking photos and video footage throughout. This is all edited together and put onto a USB stick for you to take home and enjoy
  • We have a cafe and bar on-site which offers hot and cold food as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. There is a large comfortable seating area inside as well as picnic benches outside for your spectators to watch your jump.
  • Our centre has a large bunkhouse facility offering a variety of rooms for any budget. Our rooms have from 1 to 8 beds so we can accommodate groups if you're looing to bring your friends along.
    Free shower facilities are also available and you can relax in our on-site bar in the evening.
  • If you are looking for something a bit different to celebrate an event, then maybe skydiving is for you. Corporate events, sales events, stag weekends, hen weekends and activity breaks.