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11th August - Kingswood Activity Centre

Date posted: 
Wednesday, 11 September, 2013

Date of Jump: 11th August 2013
Number of Jumpers: 12

We’d often wondered where our boss disappeared to whenever we had really clear skies and he said; “would you like me to show you”…. The next thing we knew he had organised a tandem jump for 12 of us at Hibaldstow!  That’ll teach us not to pry into his private life again.

On Sunday 11th September, staff from the Kingswood Activity centre in Penistone (S Yorks) got that unique opportunity to say that they have been up in a plane more times then they have landed in one! 

We took a break from our busy summer working with children around the country and travelled up to Hibaldstow the night before from our various locations across the country, we got there just before last light and had fun trying to ‘bond’ whilst setting up the two large bell tents that we had never seen before but were going to be our ‘roof’ for the night.  These fantastic tents had everyone talking as they made it look like the circus had arrived and they certainly dominated the camp site!! A couple of beers in the bar that evening meant we got the chance to try to relax our nerves and also to meet with other skydivers; some of which it turned out, where going to be our tandem instructors the next day.

After a nights sleep (some of it better for some than others due to the usual snoring, and ‘laughing like kids’ that goes on whilst camping out) the team woke up early to see clear sunny skies, perfect skydiving conditions. After getting booked in (first in line) we watched the Skydive Hibaldstow staff members getting their morning brief in very much the same way as we get ours at our place of work!  The main difference was seeing planes being brought out of the hangers though!  We don’t have any of them!! A short training session followed next, with us being instructed on what we had to do (listen to the person you're attached to and gravity will take care of the rest) and before long the first group were being kitted up in their jump suits and having nervous interviews with their cameramen and then ushered and loaded into a very cosy plane for the 15minutes journey it took to reach 15,000 feet.

Needless to say the journey back to earth was quicker, free-falling for around a minute at 120mph before the parachute was deployed. While under the parachute we got the chance to steer and were able to take in the view of the jump site below, where we could easily spot our 2 tents behind the hanger. Once we were all back safely on the ground everyone was in agreement that is was one of the best experiences of their life and all were eager to do it again. We even got to see our DVDs on the big screen before we had to pack the tents and head back home.

Since then several of the team are still trying to organise taking the jump one step further and perhaps doing our AFF or Static line jumps!  We want to say a massive thanks to all of the staff at Hib who made the day run so smoothly especially the instructors who made the whole experience such a thrill – we can clearly see where the buzz comes from!

Kingswood at Hib