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Interview: Hannah Fretwell

Date posted: 
Friday, 11 September, 2015

Name of Jumper: Hannah Fretwell
Date of Jump: August 2015
Charity: British Heart Foundation



1. Which charity did you raise money for?

I took part in a tandem skydive to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

2. How much did you raise and how many were there in your group?

I haven't got an exact figure for total sponsorship but it's somewhere between £600-£700. I wasn't with a team of people, I was on a solo mission though my friend came along for the jump as it is something that she has always wanted to do. 

3. Is this your first jump and when was it?

This was my second jump, my first was in 2013 to help raise money for Whiston Parish Church's organ restoration project. My jump this year was on Saturday 25th July. 

4. What made you decide to do a charity tandem jump over something else like a sponsored cycle or walk for example?

I chose to do another skydive because it was such a great experience and something that I wanted to experience again. 

5. Do you have a connection with the charity?

My uncle is regularly in and out of hospital due to his heart condition. The British Heart Foundation is a charity close to his heart and the thought of me being able to give something back is brilliant. 

6. Were you scared before the jump and did the training prepare you for the skydive?

I wasn't feeling scared before the jump, I was surprisingly calm. The training team make you feel unbelievably comfortable and are great fun. They explain everything clearly and go through the dos and don'ts. 

7. For those that have never experienced a tandem jump, can you describe the experience?

The initial jump is so surreal. You travel quite quickly and it can be difficult to breathe at times, but you soon get used to it and your instructor is constantly checking that you are ok. Once the parachute is pulled all is quiet, and you can begin to enjoy the view.

My instructor (Jonno) was particularly good at this point, he was pointing out all the buildings and the Humber Bridge etc. it was great. At this point you feel more like you are floating than falling. Landing is also easier than you would think, providing you have listened to your instructor. 

8. Do you have any advice for others thinking of their own skydiving adventure?

Do it. Honestly, it's one of the craziest things I have ever done but also one of the best. Try not to get yourself worked up about it because you will enjoy it more if you stay calm and keep your eyes open. Good luck!