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Tandem Skydiving Rates

Tandem Prices

A £50 deposit is required at the time of booking. Midweek price INCLUDES any Bank Holiday Mondays or Fridays. All prices below are per person.

Number of PeopleAnytime TandemMidweek Discount (Mon-Fri)Book Now
1 to 4 people £249 each£209 eachBook
5 to 9 people £219 each£199 eachBook
10+ people £204 each£194 eachBook
30+ people £199 each£194 eachBook
50+ people £194 each£194 eachBook

Video And Photo Pricing

DescriptionPre-Booked RateOnsite Rate
Tandem Video & Photos £89 per person£99 per person

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Charity Tandem Rates

Charity Skydiving Rates

The minimum raise targets below are recommendations and you must agree the use of funds directly with charity for which you are raising. All prices are per person. For larger groups, please contact us. Additional discounts apply for mid-week jumps Monday – Friday. Kindly note, we only offer organised charity skydives at our Northern parachute centre at Hibaldstow in Lincolnshire.

No in group (Hibaldstow)Deposit in advanceBalance on arrivalMinimum sponsorship to give to charity
1 to 4 people - Minimum to raise - £498 £50£199£249
5 to 9 people - Minimum to raise - £438 £50£169£219
10 to 29 people - Minimum to raise - £418 £50£159£209
30 to 49 people - Minimum to raise - £398 £50£149£199

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Accelerated Freefall Rates

AFF Level 1 Pricing

The £80 deposit is deducted from the total price leaving the balance payable on arrival. Gift vouchers are available for payment in full

Number of StudentsDepositPrice Per Person
AFF Level 1 (1 student) £80 per person£380
AFF L1 (2 students) £80 per person£355
AFF L1 (3 students) £80 per person£330
AFF L1 (4+ students) £80 per person£305

AFF Beginners Package : Midweek Tandem + AFF L1

Deposit is deducted from the total price leaving the balance payable on arrival. Gift vouchers are available for payment in full.

AFF beginners package MidweekDepositPrice Per Person
AFF beginners package Midweek £125 per person£593

AFF Full 8 Level Course (Pay Per Level)

AFF Level1st AttemptRepeat Level
AFF Level 1 £380£184.70
AFF Level 2 £240£184.70
AFF Level 3 £240£184.70
AFF Level 4 £158£129.30
AFF Level 5 £158£129.30
AFF Level 6 £158£129.30
AFF Level 7 £158£129.30
AFF Level 8 £49£49
Consolidation jump x 1 £44--
Consolidation jump x 10 £411--

AFF Full Course Pre-paid Package Pricing

AFF Full Course LevelsPrice
AFF Full Course levels 1-8 - (includes temporary BPA gloves goggles & logbook manual)
AFF Full Course levels 2-8 Continuation - (includes temporary BPA gloves goggles & logbook manual)

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Static Line Rates

Static Line Course

Number of StudentsPrice Per Person
Static Line Groups - 1 to 5 People £195
Static Line Groups - 6 to 12 People £185
Special Group Package - 8+ People (By Arrangement) £175

Static Line 6-Jump Packages

Number of StudentsPrice Per Person
6 Jump Package - 1 to 5 people £403
6 Jump Package - 6 to 12 people £393

Static Line Continuation Jumps

After The First JumpPrice Per Person
Continuation Jumps - After 1st Jump £49
Continuation Jumps - (Block of 10) £465.50

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Experienced Skydiver Rates

Experienced Skydivers Prices

We try to keep our prices as competitive as possible for both student and qualified skydivers. As part of this we offer special rates for blocks of tickets and team training (contact the dropzone for specific team rates):

*Prices updated Feb 2017.

DescriptionPrice for 1Block of 10
1 Jump ticket £23£219
Student RAPS jump ticket (inc kit hire & packing) £49£465.50
AFF Consol jump ticket (inc kit hire & packing) £44£411
Kit Hire (experienced only & includes packing) £14--
Coaching jump (formation skydiving, freefly) £66£644.5
BPA FF1 Coaching 15 jump-package £962.80--
Wingsuit First Flight Course (includes groundschool, coached jump + wingsuit hire) ----
Wingsuit Coached Jump (includes coached jump + wingsuit hire) ----
Team Training per slot (pre-booked teams only) from £20n/a
Experienced Packjob (purchased via office) £5.50--

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