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We've settled in a little now as the winter starts to loom, but we still get beautiful days, and...
Ever wondered how the dropzone is kept safe, how we run things. Check our tower video out! The...
A fine weekend of skyjumping with Stubert and Henry this weekend. A good 4-way average and strong...


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4th - 5th November 2017

Date posted: 
06 Nov

We've settled in a little now as the winter starts to loom, but we still get beautiful days, and blue skies every now and then. One such was this weekend. 

A cracking weekend of fun jumping. 

Below are pictures from Stubert's group this weekend. 

Thanks to Joe Mann for the shots. 




The British AE and Speed National Championships

Date posted: 
28 Aug

The AE and Speed National Championships came to Hibaldstow this weekend and with it some excellent progression in some of the most progressive areas of our sport. 

Congratulations to Matty Mitchell, our own FF Load Organisier who took first place in the Freefly A competition. 



The British 8-Way National Championships

Date posted: 
28 Aug

Another busy year in the 8-way world with 7 teams in total competing for trophies. 

In senior this year, a host of scratch teams along with Microclim8, PRTD and Awkward turtles. 

The meet was not a close one this year with Microclim8 kicking boot and almost beating the British record for points in time. Project Ride the Dragon finished their 2nd year in second place with a 9.3 average.



The British National Championships Rookie

Date posted: 
24 Aug

And unfortunate sequence of pool camera busts for Fireflies put them behind from the start of the meet, givign them a real battle to find their place. The battle rolled all the way through to a jump off where Shadow and Fireflies drew again! Shadow just pippedd them to the post for gold!




The British 4-Way National Championships A

Date posted: 
22 Aug

A rager of a start from Jurrasic Pork lead the team to an early advantage from the get-go and for all the teams chasing tried their best, there was no stopping JP. 


After a disastrous funnel in round 4, local team Baccus were forced into a jump off for silver and unfortunately funnelled again, leaving them third to Venom.




The British 4-Way National Championships AA

Date posted: 
22 Aug

The heavily contended AA category was fraught with a tight, emotional battle for the top slots. 

Not firing off well at the start, Vantage worked hard to recover their tough first rounds, and though energetic the team could not quite take back their slow start. Vantage took Bronze. 

The battle for the top slots went right to the last round and concluded with one point between Pjama Pumas and home team SaltyJacks. No rest for the wiked though as most of the top team jetted out to a boogie straight after the event!


The British 4-Way National Championships AAA

Date posted: 
21 Aug

And so the mighty day cometh and with it 40 teams vying for titles such as, National Champion, best AA team and more. 

An even split over the meet, every level had a good turn out. 

The battle for AAA was a strong as ever as the best 2nd best team ever, 4Mula made great strides for the title. It was however, taken again by the relentless, Satori. 


The leaderboard was as follows:


Hibaldstow Cup 2017

Date posted: 
10 Jul

A smaller meet than usual, but the Hibaldstow Cup was still a great event. 

With up to 50% off the nationals, a battle worth fighting. 

This year teams competed over all the categories and the battle in some leagues was tight. 

The winners this year were:

AAA: AntimatterAntimatter


AA: Salty JacksSalty Jacks



Weekend 17-18th June

Date posted: 
21 Jun

A wild weekend of weltering weather. 

We temperatures hitting almost 30 degrees, the DZ was HOT. 

The big show this weekend was Foundry Intermediates, and it was quite a meet. 

Requiring just that little more experience, the meet tends to have some great skydives and some great shapes. 




Weekend 27-28th May

Date posted: 
01 Jun

A fantastic weekend for everyone at the DZ. 

The big event this weekend was the head up event with Matty and Ally and what a great weekend it was.


An awesome turnout for the Head Up event and even the weather played ball. This allowed the Freefly crew enough jumps for some real good progression from everybody involved and they were even able to create a new UK Head Up record of 14.