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A fantastic weekend for everyone at the DZ.  The big event this weekend was the head up event...

Weekend 22nd-23rd April 2017

Date posted: 
Monday, 24 April, 2017

We're waiting for the crazy times to begin and maybe... just maybe they are coming!

Shy of a little weather again, but the DZ is still woring hard to get people in the air. 

SaltyJacks and Bacchus, both local teams managed 16 and 12 jumps this weekend respectively, even with the poor weather. 

Matty's group hammered the skies with a mix of head up and tracking while stubert cruised a few FS1s and put walkup groups through their paces. 




The weather is coming! It's a matter of time, so hold in there and get ready to party :)

Belly shots by Pench.