The 2012 Hibaldstow Cup

Monday, July 23, 2012

And finally the weekend was up on us, and with it one of the most important new events in the calendar. The Hibaldstow Cup, an event about pure 4-way, with the winners walking away with glory, and discounts for the British Nationals – All to play for, and with the weather looking glorious it was time to skydive. 

Some of the UK’s best teams arrived for the live draw, watching as the skydives came together then, just like the nationals, teams moved outdoors into the warm evening to creep and walk. 

A mild fog greeted jumpers as they climbed out of soggy tents, but there was no doubt, straight up it was nill winds and blue skies. 

Scores began to creep out early and tension was drawn higher due to the cash prizes on offer, but the competition spirit was fantastic across the DZ.

The evening closed off with the completion of the competition, but just enough time to squeeze in a fun jump for sunset. 

The podiums were set and prizes given out. A huge thanks to all the teams that came for the weekend to test there skills before the nationals, and congratulations to everyone who took home a prize, but now it was time to party.



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