The Benefits Of Charity Skydiving

Friday, February 16, 2018

We’ve been running charity skydives since the early 90’s and we love the way our customers take a real leap of faith into the unknown to help fundraise for other worthwhile charities.

Over the years, we’ve literally done tens of thousands of tandem jumps for hundreds of charities. Many of them are big national charities, but often, they’re for small groups trying to support a single person. It’s very easy to get onto one of our charity days, simply pick one from the list, pay your deposit, then start collecting!

  1. You’re Making a Difference – It’s not always easy to gain sponsorship when there are so many charity events out there. Skydiving really sets you apart.
  2. You’ll Inspire Others – There have many many cases over the years when someone comes to watch a tandem jump and they end up signing up to do their own. It’s really inspirational!
  3. The Memory and Fundraising Lasts a Lifetime – ask yourself how many people in the UK have been brave enough to take a 15000ft leap of faith. The answer is not many, it really is something you will always remember.
  4. Karmic Points on High – Take a look on the internet and see the feel-good factor created when our customers land from their 1st skydive. It really does make you feel good and that combined with helping others raises your karma.
  5. You Are Going Skydiving – What’s the feeling of skydiving like? Well for a start, it’s a soft gentle feeling as you freefall at 120mph. It really is a lot of fun.

List of Charities

Here’s a few pics by Mike Cad of what you can expect:

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