New 4-Way Blocks

Friday, February 9, 2018

New 4-Way Blocks

Exciting news! The International Parachuting Commission has just met in Bulgaria and they have decided to change 2 of the 4-way blocks – 1 and 13. This is something which doesn’t happen very often (7 years ago was the last time), so when it does, it means there’s going to be a lot of new learning, crashing and head scratching – but that’s exciting too!

Blocks 1 and 13


The initial thoughts are that this is going to slightly speed up the points average, but how much we will have to wait and see when this becomes a reality in 2019. So don’t worry those of you training for comps this year, it’s still what we know.

Are you wanting to take part in some 4-way? Visit our Formation Foundry page and hook with them.



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