Level Up Freefly Weeks

Monday, July 9, 2018

Our sister dropzone Skydive Spain has laid on a series of events in 2018 titled “Level Up Freefly” led expert freefly load organiser Zemi Abreu. He’s part of the Skydive Spain Freefly School and knows his stuff when it comes to running cool freefly events. The format of the event lasts 1 whole week, so it’s pretty busy and the idea is to really encourage a lot of freefly skills development and take your jumping to another level.

Dates Scheduled for 2018

What’s Going On

Zemi wants to be flexible with what he can offer, so that includes one on one, load organising or you can even choose to hire him for the whole day. And he can coach headup, headdown and tracking!

Want to know what it’s like to skydive above their beautiful dropzone near to Seville (PS, there’s all sorts of skydiving in the vid below)?



To book, simply email info@skydivespain.com and provide the following information:

  • Dates
  • Name of jumpers in your group
  • The type of coaching you require (e.g. full day coaching; 3x coaching jumps 1-1; group of 3 jumpers booking coach for the day)

Skydive Spain can provide lots of information where to stay, where to fly into and great places to eat out. Go for it and join one of their amazing events!

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