The Wingsuit Nationals Are Coming to Skydive Hibaldstow

Monday, March 26, 2018

It’s an understatement to say how happy we are that the 2018 Wingsuit Nationals are coming to our dropzone for the first time. Skydiving and parachuting take many forms, but wingsuiting has got to be the closest it comes to human flight.

So what’s it all about, can you take part and how does it work? There are broadly 2 parts to the competition:

  • Performance flying – a solo discipline where jumpers compete in 3 sub-disciplines – Time, Distance and Speed over a total of 6 jumps. Check last year’s results out.
  • Wingsuit acrobatics – teams of 3 competitors (2 performers and 1 camera) compete in 7 rounds completing as many formations as possible in a set time. There’s also scores counted for style and camera which ensures the wingsuits are actually flying!

Mike Williams, British Parachute Association WS Representative gives us a quick interview:

  1. How long have you been wingsuiting and which parts of the sport do you participate in?
    I’ve been wingsuiting for 8 years, competed at the first wingsuit competition back in 2012. Since then competed in a total of 10 performance wingsuit competitions including 2 world meets.
  2. As WS Rep, you are responsible for helping to advise / organise the UK Nationals. What made you recommend Skydive Hibaldstow for this year’s competition?
    Hibaldstow has a well-established reputation for organising big meets and UK nationals, great facilities, aircraft and perfect airspace for wingsuiting. The management team at Hibaldstow is more than capable of organising the BPA Wingsuit nationals I’m available if required for any wingsuiting questions.
  3. With the advent of high performing wings, do you think this excludes a lot of beginner / intermediate jumpers from participating?
    All wingsuiters are welcome. Being at a wingsuit competition is like being part of an ever growing family. Best way to gain experience, knowledge and have fun.
  4. There are some that argue that the Performance Flying competition is a bit boring due to its solo nature. What would you say to them?
    As a performance flyer, I would personally disagree with that. Almost 10 years skydiving with over a 1000 jumps I still never get bored solo jumping. There’s almost nothing like flying a wingsuit at speeds of 150/180 mph (ground speed). During a competition, it’s rare to see a wingsuiter walking off the PLA without smiling like a Cheshire cat.
  5. Which team are you taking part in this year and what’s your training schedule like?
    As a solo performance flier, the only team I’ll be in this year is team GB at the 2nd FAI Wingsuit World Championships of wingsuit flying in August in the Czech Republic. There are two main things I’ll be practicing more this year is my dive and flaring into the competition window in as many weekends the weather will permit.
  6. Lastly, have you got any advice for wingsuiters just starting out?
    Come along to the Nationals at Hibaldstow 13th – 15th July this year. Have some fun, meet old/new friends and enjoy. We will be having fun.

Wingsuiting In Action

Many thanks to Mike and Fraser Corsan for the pics.


Want to take part?

It all starts with a wingsuit application form. From there, get practicing and find a BPA roadshow!

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