B-Licence & Packing Progression Days

Monday, February 18, 2019

We thought you might like to know a bit more about the three B-Licence & Packing Progression days we’ve got planned for you this spring-time. So here’s a quick mini-interview with Noel Purcell, our friendly Chief Instructor telling you all about it:

  1. Tell us about the packing day. What can you expect to learn?We introduce the basics of packing through demonstration and practice. Also showing peripheral aspects such as three-ring release maintenance and assembly, basic assembly and basic fault finding. All very useful stuff.
  2. In the past, many learned to pack from their friends. Why do you think it’s important for the dropzone to offer these courses now?The course we operate here at Skydive Hibaldstow gives a structured introduction which once completed allows the person to come and practice at their hearts desire! If they’ve done our course those who supervise know what the student has learned and can help them progress quicker.
  3. Can you really learn to go from no packing experience to packer in one day?No, this is not realistic, there is a lot to learn in the world of packing parachutes correctly and safely. But it is a really good start, which hopefully will make the overall process of getting cleared to pack one’s own gear much quicker. Everyone learns at a different rate and our team here are great at explaining things for you in such a way that makes your learning the most efficient.
  4. Moving on to the B-License day, what’s that all about. Is it practical or theory orientated?There is a mixture of theory lessons and practical examinations for flight-line checking and a spotting jump. We like to mix it up a bit to keep you all interested, so it’s always a fun day.
  5. What happens if I want to learn to pack and I don’t have my own parachute yet?We use suitable parachute kit from the DZ for the course, if someone doesn’t own a rig yet. So it’s not a problem, we are equipped!
  6. Some argue that with the advent of GPS, there is no need to spot anymore. Why is spotting still included in JM1?Every jumper should be checking where they are exiting the aircraft on every jump. This allows us to know if the plan for our canopy descent that we took off with may have to change as soon as we have opened. Although aircraft are on the whole are spotted with GPS, it is vital to know how to make a quick visual check for our own safety.

Event Dates

You can signup to the three events we have running below by either saying you are going in the Facebook event, or by dropping up as an email.

Packing, flying your parachute safely and being a jumpmaster are the cornerstones to being a competent skydiver.

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