6-Way Speed, FS & Accuracy Meet 2019

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Skydive Hibaldstow is known as a dropzone that likes to host competitions, you might say it’s in our freefall blood. This weekend just gone, we hosted the 2nd edition of our 6-way Speed, FS and Accuracy meet. It’s a cumbersome name for a competition, but it says a lot about it’s multi-disciplinary nature and that’s what makes it so much fun.

Simon Brentford, one of our sponsored skydivers on team NFTO and one of our oldest dropzone members came up with the idea after feeling there was a gap in the scrambles market:

“I’m passionate about competition and for years, decades even, there’s always been an FS scrambles event at Hib. I decided to restart the competition scene up again and mix it up a bit with a spot of accuracy and speed star. It’s a great way to get skydivers of varying levels of experience together whilst working on some of the safety stuff too – the accuracy bit.”

The competition is run over a 4 round meet with the first 2 jumps being no-contact exits on the float rail. Then, it gets a bit harder, with a no-show, no-contact exit for the last 2 rounds. It’s great fun because there will always be some  comedy unstable carnage with such tight bunched exits. Points are allotted with the most going to the team with the quickest build.

After that, the teams move on to a spot of FS, with plenty of blocks included as well. This keeps it flowing and allows the formations to stay together with the lower-experienced skydivers (check out round 4 from this year as an example).

“Great event and thanks to all those involved in organising it! When’s the next one!” Lee Shepherd

“Thank you Skydive Hibaldstow for an awesome 6 way speed, it was mega! Thanks Simon Brentford, Ane Brentford, and the staff at Hib. But especially thanks for the Thai, what a fantastic dinner to end the day on Saturday, that was a really nice meal.” Nigel Rowlan

For each round, a maximum of four points can be scored for anyone who lands within a five meter target. It’s a reasonable sized area and by limiting the max points, it means that those who don’t feel confident going for the cross can choose to land elsewhere.

This year, we had 4 eager teams taking part headed up by Ane Brentford, Jordan Simcoe, Ant Hill and Blythe Davies. Everyone had a lot of fun, with plenty of camera geeking going on whenever stills specialist James Stevenson floated past. The weather was absolutely perfect and we managed to complete the competition in one day!

Check the pics out below, as usual, James really captured the event. All being well, we’ll host another 6-way scrambles event at the end of the season.

This weekend, we have Peter Mather returning for his 1st weekend of load organising fun. Alongside him, we are blessed to have Team Groomed in the house specialising in 8way coaching. Come on down!

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