Summer Tandem Skydiving Offer

Friday, May 31, 2019

What does summer mean to you? Warm weather, blue skies, BBQ’s and the great outdoors? Well, we would definitely agree on that, but we think there is something else and that’s adventure. At Skydive Hibaldstow, we like an adventure and in particular, when it’s someone’s first leap into the unknown of our world, skydiving.

Every year, we literally help thousands of first-time skydivers make their first parachute jump at our dropzone located near to Leeds. With that in mind, we are announcing our Summer Tandem Skydiving Promotion. Why not purchase the Gift of a lifetime and get someone a Gift Voucher for their skydive experience, all you need to do is to enter our special voucher code Summertime2019 into our gift Voucher system and select one of 2 jumps:

  • Adrenaline jump – Our 15,000ft tandem skydive. The highest altitude you can skydive from in the UK. We’re offering you £50 off the normal price taking it from £249 to £199.
  • Adrenaline jump with video – It’s the same 15,000ft tandem jump, but with one of our expert camera bods there to capture every moment from take-off to landing in both video and photograph format. You will receive a memory stick with your skydive on it.

What does it feel like?

There’s many different experiences involved when you do your first skydive. The first is when you’re crammed inside one of our awesome Dornier aircraft flying up to jump altitude in around 13 mins. As Lucy P one of our recent students from last month said “Inside the airplane, it’s jam-packed with skydivers. You’re harnessed tight with your instructor, but that’s good, I want to know he’s there and that I’m not going anywhere without him!!”

Freefall is a totally different matter. Some say it’s like swimming, others that it’s a floating experience. Here’s James F’s thoughts “Skydiving is so much fun – it’s noisy, it’s super windy but most of all it’s a beautiful minute of falling with views all the way to the coast that I’ll never forget. It is a bit scary to start with, but once you’re in freefall, you don’t want it to end. It’s the best minute of your life.”

And lastly, there’s the final part of your tandem skydive, the open parachute bit. It usually takes around 4 or 5 minutes to flat gently back to our clubhouse. It’s a great time to take in the views and think about what just happened. So here’s what Gemma B had to say “The parachuting bit was my fav part. It’s so much slower than the free falling bit. My instructor gave me the steering toggles to have a go on. Together, we flew back to the parachute center and landed together. I really felt like a bird up there..”

How to Buy

Click on the link below and don’t forget to enter in the correct voucher code. Summer2019 for the 15,000ft tandem and Summertime2019 for the same jump with video & photo package.

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