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Monday, August 24, 2020

For most people, making your first tandem skydive is a massive step into the unknown. It takes courage, commitment and a desire to try something totally different from anything you might have done before – as Furudate, Haruichi said it, “Because people don’t have wings… We look for ways to fly.”

So what better way to learn to fly than with one of our tandem skydiving packages. We offer jumps from both 10,000ft and 15,000ft, all the training is provided, along with the parachute, instructor and aircraft. Training typically only takes 20 minutes and this is where you get to see the equipment and find out what is expected of you in freefall.

With the summer is full swing, there’s plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy hurtling through the blue skies at 120 mph enjoying the scenery. In fact, it’s actually possible at 15,000ft on a clear day to see all the way to the East coast and the seaside!

We’ve put a few responses together from some of our happy customers as a direct answer to some of the questions you almost certainly have:

What Does Skydiving Feel Like?

“When I did my 1st jump, it was like my eyes opened up. I’m a massive fan of roller-coasters, but this was nothing like that. There was no stomach in my mouth, just a gently floating sensation, but noisy and windy!” Claire H, Leeds

“It’s a simply wow experience. I can remember being strapped up with my instructor (I had Chris who was very trusting!) and the open door of the airplane. All that separated me from the skies below was a few centimeters of airplane floor. We both rolled out into the air and it took my breath away. I felt like I was jumping from space. After about 10 seconds, it got very noisy in freefall and that’s when I knew we were at the max speed of 120mph! I’m planning to make another jump soon, this time for charity! Charlie S, Otley

“I have to say I was very nervous before I arrived, but the instructors really made a difference. Skydiving feels to me like you are sitting on a cushion of air. It’s comfortable and it’s more solid than you would imagine. There was no sickly feeling and I could breathe very easily.” Jessica A, Grantham

Is it Safe?

“That was one of my big questions when I was thinking of signing up. I’d been given a birthday voucher for one of the 10000 feet jumps and I’ve really never done anything like this before. The staff showed us the parachutes during the training session showed us how it all worked. The parachutes are built very strongly and in fact, you jump with 2 of them – a main and a reserve parachute.” Dave E, Sheffield

“As extreme sports go, this is pretty safe. The sport is regulated by a governing body called British Skydiving who oversee safety. We were also told about how difficult it is to become an instructor. You have to do 800 skydives before you can take the course, so that filled me with confidence” Sofia B, Higham, Barnsley

“I recon its a pretty safe sport. The parachute opened perfectly for me and my instructor Baldrick and he even let me steer the parachute around for a while.” Steve P, Rochdale, Manchester

Do I need to be fit to skydive?

“If you needed to be super-fit, I wouldn’t have been let on the airplane. I’m in my late 40’s, don’t exercise and am a few pounds over if I am being honest. You don’t have to be able to run a 10km race or anything, just be in generally ok-ish condition. It’s really not that hard to have a go at.” Brad L, Cambridge

“There is a max weight limit of 100kg, fully clothed and they do weigh you on the day when you arrive. I was 95kg, so within the upper edge of the limit and everything went really well. I do know that if you have some health problems, then you can’t skydive. For example – heart issues, badly damaged backs, recent surgeries.” Bonnie F, Cleethorpes

I’m Interested in the Video and Photos Package. Is it Worth It?

“I’m one of those people who likes to buy the basic package in everything I get. So when I arrive at the dropzone at Hibaldstow, I hadn’t booked anything. What sold me the package was watching a few vids of some of the other customers who were at there that day. These weren’t sales pitch vids pre-prepared, but actual jumps done that day which were played on the big screen. I have to say, it’s totally worth it!” Sally E, Pontefract

“We were part of a group of 4 jumping during my stag do. We all decided to get the same package and it’s so worth it. I even printed off one of the nicest photos (where I’m grinning from ear to ear like a big one!) and framed for the mantlepiece. After all, I’ve got to have the evidence when I’m old and gray!” Peter U, Elephant and Castle, London

“I was part of a large group jumping for Asthma Research a couple of years ago. Most of us decided to get the pics and video part because we really wanted to support the charity with their work. We splashed all out vids out on the internet, it was so well worth it!” Lisa A, Barnsley

Can I Skydive For Free?

Sadly the dropzone doesn’t offer “free skydives” at the moment. However, we regularly have special seasonal offers, you can find out about these on our Skydiving Promotions page. However, it is possible to get your skydive paid for if you do participate on one of our charity skydiving events. Sometimes these are organised by the dropzone and sometimes by the charity themselves. If you raise enough money, some of it goes to pay for the cost of the jump and then the rest goes to the charity.

“This year, I’ve just done my second charity skydive as I loved the first one so much. One of my tips for collecting lots of money, is to create a mini-poster saying what you’re going to do, then print it out, hand it around your local pub, notice board and at work. It feels good to be doing something so exciting, whilst at the same time helping others” Claire P, Ormskirk

“When I signed up with my local hospice, I had to raise double the cost of the parachute jump. It actually worked out very well and in fact, the hospice got a lot more than half in the end. I really loved my parachute jump and doing the fundraising gave me all the courage I needed to take a leap of faith!” Gerry C, Selby

What Happens If it Rains?

“That actually happened to me on my first booking date, but it wasn’t a problem. I rebooked with the office for a week later and got a perfect sunny and warm day. I could see for miles around me when my parachute opened. Recommended for sure!!” Ava M, Leeds

“Despite a mega rubbish forecast one March weekend, I went with my friends to do my first every jump. It was raining when I arrived, but after waiting an hour or so, it miraculously cleared and the parachute centre became a hive of activity. I got my harness on and met up with the instructor and airplane. Once we got to jump height, mine was 15k, we were above the clouds and it was so beautiful up. What a totally different world and so much fun.” Melissa R, Carlisle

Can I get Qualified to Skydive?

“After making my tandem jump, I decided this was something I could get my teeth into. So I signed up for something called an Accelerated Freefall course and spent a whole day with my two instructors learning everything from navigation, to a basic freefall body position. It is a lot to learn, but it’s so worth it when you jump with your own kit!” Alex B, Birmingham

“I’ve been skydiving for two years now and have just over 100 skydives. I started with the standard tandem and slowly worked my way up through the full AFF course, then got into formation skydiving. Next year, I am going to take part in the National Championships on a Novice team. I think what I like most are all the friends you make along the way.” James W

Lastly, can I jump with my Friends?

Unless you are a qualified skydiver (or your friend is an experienced skydiver), then it’s not going to be possible. That’s because when you are harnessed to your instructor and jump, the time between you jumping and your friend will be a good few seconds. In that time, you will have already fallen hundreds of feet.

“After a long day of jumping, most skydivers like to socialise with their friends at the bar with a beer or two. The sport is full of interesting characters which brings the sport alive. I like to take part in formation skydiving events where I get to hang out with my friends in freefall. I’ve literally done hundreds of jumps like this.” Chris T



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