April 2024 Newsletter

Friday, May 3, 2024

We can’t recall a start to the season where the weather has been this poor (and cold!), but we’re optimistic for an action-packed few months ahead now that spring is here.

A few of our events sadly had to be postponed throughout March and April, but Falling For Fun with Bradley Shelton was fortunate with the weather and has proved very popular, as well as Ally Milne’s head-up record training and a hugely successful PUPS multi-plane event (more on that in the “Achievements”).

A special mention this newsletter goes to Kieran Campbell who has persisted through winter to get his A Licence! Six months of poor weather since his ground school didn’t put him off travelling all the way from Scotland to catch any opportunity to jump. Kieran’s enthusiasm and commitment is what we love to see in new skydivers so we hope you’ll all join us in making him feel welcome now that he is a licensed jumper.


In April, a group of experienced formation skydivers came together to set three new records! They were:

  • A New 4-Point Total Break Sequential 26-Way British Record
  • A 4-Point Total Break Sequential 26-Way World Under-40s Record
  • A 5-Point Total Break Sequential 12-Way World Under-40s Record

Congratulations to everybody involved in such an incredible achievement.

  • A Licence – Kieran Campbell & Leah Millar
  • TR2 – Dave Wood & Tom Ward
  • 100 jumps – Stacey Bruce
  • 200 jumps – Rayan Albhlal


We’re hoping for some better luck with the weather for the next two months. Not only do we see the start of the first ever UK TrackDayz, but we also see the return of The Big Geekend and SkySaver Week. That means £21 jump tickets for 4 days straight! Here is what is lined up for May and June:



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