Back to Belly Transition: Angle Flying with Matty Mitchell

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

We have another freefly coaching video for any of you interested in progressing, or just trying a few new things in the air. Matty Mitchell, freefly coach and tunnel instructor, joins us in the making of a quick video showing how to make a transition from back to belly in an angle jump.

To learn how to make the belly to back transition, we’ve produced another video with Matty that you can view here.

At Skydive Hibaldstow we have a lot of freefly events every year, catering to new skydivers as well as seasoned, skilled flyers. We fly to 15k ft of altitude, which is the highest in Britain. And, jumping in large groups is easy at Hib, as we have a fleet of Dornier G92 aircraft, which allow 15 jumpers in the plane and have a massive door, making exits easy.
Our facilities include a massive cafe, hangars with team rooms, debriefing stations, and a huge packing shed. We have bunk rooms and suites available for anyone looking to spend the night and we offer a comfortable camping area for tents.
Come fly with us at Skydive Hibaldstow.

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