The British 4-Way National Championships AAA

Monday, August 21, 2017

And so the mighty day cometh and with it 40 teams vying for titles such as, National Champion, best AA team and more. 

An even split over the meet, every level had a good turn out. 

The battle for AAA was a strong as ever as the best 2nd best team ever, 4Mula made great strides for the title. It was however, taken again by the relentless, Satori. 

The leader board was as follows:

1GBR416 – Satori XL22181919172217202418196
2GBR415 – 4mula22161918172315192218189
3GBR412 – Chimera18162016152013172117173
4GBR414 – NFTO15161717152114172116169
5GBR409 – Heavenly Pests18151515131513151914152
6GBR407 – Antimatter16151613131712142013149
7GBR406 – Eros1514161211159141512133
8GBR405 – MFT14131412121610141213130
9GBR401 – Helios11111413111411151710127
10GBR404 – Skyfool1511131110169111112119
11GBR411 – Tyrano4us Rex1311149111510111112117
12GBR410 – Kintama101013111014911149111
13GBR408 – PTW9101110912912159106
14GBR413 – Quasar109121091191011899
15GBR403 – Kesshin97977116710881
16GBR402 – Mental Blox7986610555970

Congratulations to everyone who flew well and congratulations to Satori, 4Mula and Chimera for taking the top slots. 

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