The British AE And Speed National Championships

Monday, August 28, 2017

The AE and Speed National Championships came to Hibaldstow this weekend and with it some excellent progression in some of the most progressive areas of our sport. 

Congratulations to Matty Mitchell, our own FF Load Organisier who took first place in the Freefly A competition. 


1GBR303 – Varial8.
2GBR301 – Parallel7.
3GBR302 – Mass Attack2.


in Freefly B, RAFSPA Vulcan ruled the roost this year with a score of 31.3.


1GBR312 – RAFSPA Vulcan6.
2GBR313 – Mischief & Mayhem6.
3GBR314 – The Evils3.
4GBR311 – 2Radaktyl3.


In Freestyle A, Volocity Freestyle took the top slot again, for a second year. Congratulations to Jamie and Dan. 



1GBR104 – Volosity Freestyle8.
2GBR102 – FSU5.
3GBR101 – Nova6.
4GBR103 – Diablo Freestyle5.


Only one team competed in FSB, but credit to our own Marcus Budgett for his top skills.


1GBR111 – Old Kix New Trix5.


Last but not least, the speed meet this year was bigger than ever, and it’s great to see so many people trying a new discipline.

The superstar this weekend was Max Hurd who not only scored the gold, and a personal best, but also beat the current UK record for Speed skydiving. Beer!


1GBR904 – Charles Hurd537.54516.92530.27526.64493.92559.78509.86534.902689.13
2GBR903 – Matthew Byrne532.85497.86517.41485.20523.840.00522.19496.792594.15
3GBR901 – Michael Lovemore501.00458.72451.530.000.00471.88440.70437.972323.83
4GBR907 – James Parker443.84454.09448.93436.29414.15417.94428.43391.892211.58
5GBR906 – Cezary Krzyczkowski425.65435.08443.36432.05437.48420.86445.09421.512193.06
6GBR909 – Lewis Young392.65353.80393.35372.06411.52351.17374.43358.931944.01
7GBR911 – Andy Collins376.43357.68381.92339.79338.22355.40297.77335.701811.22
8GBR908 – Karim Shokraee330.22316.35356.54314.02364.01346.56304.44372.081769.41
9GBR910 – Simon Griffiths372.33339.36341.87284.05328.20380.34274.18324.491762.10
10GBR905 – Stephen Slater325.52354.20292.17308.69335.89334.35336.54333.311694.29
11GBR902 – Jay Leighton316.81277.15340.68344.85294.00355.39324.01309.001681.74

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