The British Open National Championships 2014 – 8-Way, Artistics And Speed

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The second of our two major championships this weekend. 

The weekend opened like groundhog day – a repeat of the 4-way weekend where jumpers were greeted with fog and low clouds. Opportunity did present itself however, with  a chance to complete two rounds Saturday. But then, the waiting game… the long wait… with no flying Sunday, and most of Monday.

The weather abated early afternoon, allowing the competition to finish just in time for the close of play. 

The competition was fraught with teams leaving as the meet rolled over to Monday, but the spirits of the meet were not dashed – proven by a great turn out to the medal ceremony late Monday evening. 

Senor 8-way was won by Microclim8 this year – another gold for Pookie, and the second open win for Nutty who took the 4-way gold with team Voodoo. 

Intermediate 8-way was taken by team Emanon, with a 5.1 average.

With only one team this year, Rookie 8-way was a one horse race, but great work to the BCP8lings who took gold. 

Freefly A was a battle between Varial and Euphoria and was a very close battle. Winning by only 0.8 points, Euphoria took the top slot. Freefly B was won by team “The French Connection” who battled the local packers for first place. 

Freestlye proved to be popular this year and was won by Euphoria Freestyle, a team composed of Andy Goodwin and Alex Dand. Freestyle B was taken by Hypnosis Freestyle.

Last but not least, the Speed meet was won by Jason Bird who’s best speed was 445.33 kph

Thus endeth the 2014 National Championships!

Thanks to everyone who came to support the event this year and we hope to see you next season.


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