Go Big 2019

Friday, January 4, 2019

It’s the New Year, it’s the time when we work out what exciting adventures we want to do. So what extreme sports have you got planned in 2019? We hope it’s a tandem skydive with one of our trusty instructors from 15,000 feet!

To celebrate, we are running a GoBig 2019 skydiving offer and here are the details below:

  • 10,000ft tandem reduced from £199 to £180
  • 15,000ft tandem reduced from £249 to £230
  • Accelerated Freefall Level 1 course reduced from £379 to £360

To book, all you need to do is to pay using our voucher code which is GoBig2019. Once you’ve booked, we’ll send you a confirmation email and you can then share it amongst your friends to brag about what you’re going to do! The offer is open until the end of the month and you can pick a date of your choice until the end of the year.

What Does A TANDEM JUMP Feel Like?

You would be surprised at how many potential customers are scared off because they are worried they won’t be able to cope in freefall. The truth is the freefall skydiving is comfortable, exhilarating and a lot of fun. One of our customers once described freefalling as “a sensation similar to swimming, but with lots of air and a lot noisier!”

After climbing to your exit altitude, your instructor will open the door to the airplane and the two of you will leap together. Within 10 seconds, you will be skydiving at around 120mph on a soft cushion of air. And if you choose to pay a little bit more (£89), you might find one of our cameramen right in front of your face filming and photographing it all!

The GoBig 2019 15,000ft skydive lasts for approximately 1 minute over which time you will cover 2 miles vertically. The tandem instructor will then open the parachute and that’s where the second more sedate part begins. It will take another 4 or 5 minutes for you to float gently down over the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside. On a clear day, you can see all the way to the coast some 30 miles away.

Choosing Accelerated Freefall

A lot of our customers want more control over their skydive and that’s when an Accelerated Freefall level 1 course becomes perfect! It gives you the chance to jump with your own parachute, spend a whole day training with your instructors and jump with them from 15,000ft. You’ll do a series of drills in freefall all whilst falling at 120mph. At the end of the skydive, you’ll also open and land your own parachute. It’s the route most of us take when getting qualified as a skydiver.

So what are you waiting for, get booking!

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