Interview Lee Jagger – Jan 2016

Friday, January 1, 2016

How did you get into skydiving and when?

I have always been fascinated with skydiving from a young age. I was 12 years old when finally my Dad took me to Empuriabrava, Spain to do a tandem skydive (due to the UK having a minimum age of 16 for your first skydive). Then back in 2010, I had the money to book my AFF which was an amazing experience. Five years later it is safe to say I am addicted to Skydiving!

Did you find your AFF course hard?

I would say it can be challenging, but I was that dedicated and passionate about it that I didn’t want to fail any levels. And of course the money factor was in the back of my mind. Luckily I passed all my levels first time.

You are known are a jack of all trades – freefly, FS and now wingsuiting. What makes you want to spread your time over all these disciplines instead of focusing on one?

I like the idea of turning up to a DZ and being able to get involved in whatever is going on that day. There is nothing worse than being sat on the side lines. Plus I always like pushing myself and learning new things.

Do you ever find that your skydiving social life affects your ‘non-skydiving’ social life?

Haha, yes in a small way it has. For instance, I sometimes have to sacrifice going out drinking with the guys back home if I am skydiving the next morning. But on the other hand I’d much rather spend my money on something I absolutely love. I am used to this because I pretty much grew up in a skatepark practising every day and travelling around the world competing.

Aside from skydiving and your professional Inline skater younger days, do you do any other sports?

I’ve dabbled in too many sports that my bank balance can’t keep up to. But mainly I also snowboard and climb.

Do you think your previous professional sports life has helped you in your skydiving?

I actually think it has in a small way because not only am I used to being filled with adrenaline but I have a good understanding of my body and balance etc. I actually taught myself how to snowboard in about an hour which saved me some money! 

How do you pay for all your adrenaline sports?

I am a Sales Manager at Yesss Electrical in Castleford

Where do you see yourself going in the world of skydiving?

Down…..only joking. I think I would like to compete more down the line in maybe 2way Dynamic and learn how to wingsuit BASE jump. I would even like to progress in swooping.

Do you have any advice for people beginning their own skydiving careers?

I would say take your time and don’t rush things especially when it comes to downsizing canopies. Most skydivers are more than willing to offer advice on the dropzone, so I’d say ask questions from the right people. When it comes to buying gear make sure you buy at the right time to save yourself money from downsizing etc.

Other than that have fun and be safe to yourself and the others around you.

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