Tandem Customer Corona Virus Questionnaire

Health Questions

If you are a tandem customer planning on coming to Skydive Hibaldstow, we would kindly ask if you would complete the following health questionnaire. Your safety and that of everyone else at the dropzone is our top priority and in these strange times, we need to assess your risk. Many thanks.

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then sadly you will not be allowed to come to the dropzone to take part in your jump or spectators with any of the above will not be allowed to join you.

Tandem Procedures for when you arrive at the dropzone

  1. Before setting off for the Centre, please make all paperwork has been completed and your final payment has been made.
  2. Each person coming to the Parachute Centre should bring their own face covering and hand sanitiser where possible. The centre does have extra face coverings which can be purchased in advance.
  3. Only the person jumping is permitted into reception when booking and must sanitise their hands at the available sanitising stations or use their own. Avoid contact with as many surfaces as possible. Please wear a face covering .
  4. Please make sure you arrive on time to avoid too many customers in reception. If you are going to be late, you must let us know.
  5. A maximum of only 6 spectators are permitted per tandem jumper.
  6. If the weather is not suitable to jump, we will do our best to contact you the day before to postpone. If the jump does not go ahead straight away, there will be a maximum wait of 1hr. If the weather hasn’t changed after an hour, your jump will be postponed.
  7. Where possible, contactless payments will be made at reception and the cafe area. Please avoid using cash.
  8. If you start to feel unwell, whilst at the centre, you must let us know and move away from everyone else.
  9. All jumps that are videoed, will be sent out to you.
  10. Wash and santise your hands whenever opening doors or touching services.

Many thanks for your patience and we hope to get you into the sky very soon!


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