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What is AFF – Accelerated freefall

At Skydive Hibaldstow we offer the BEST skydiving course for you – Accelerated Freefall – either as a residential course or pay as you go. To complete the course, you need to pass 8 Levels of skydiving and 10 consolidation jumps to achieve you A licence, which means you are now a qualified skydiver



What’s the Difference between AFF & Static-Line?

Accelerated Freefall is the best way to experience freefall from your first jump as a student and from a height of up to 15,000 ft, giving you an incredible freefall experience of nearly a minute, as opposed to Static Line, where the parachute is opened automatically upon exiting the airplane and from a height of 4,000 ft.

As Accelerated Freefall is designed to be completed in just 8 jumps, the costs are reflected in this. Although the AFF course appears to be more expensive than the Static Line course, it’s possible to complete the AFF course in just 8 jumps, whereas Static Line could take up to 35 jumps – making the prices nearly the same in total.

This is designed to help people budget to become an experienced skydiver at a cost they can afford. You can either pay the complete AFF course up front at a discounted rate, or you can pay per level. The Static Line course is pay as you jump.

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