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Established in May 2006, BulliesOut are one of the UK’s most dedicated and ambitious anti-bullying charities. Their award-winning work is delivered across the UK and each year, through our work with schools, colleges, youth and community settings, we provide education, training and support to thousands of young people. Through their innovative, interactive workshops and training programmes, they use their experience, energy and passion to focus on awareness, prevention, building empathy and positive peer relationships all of which are crucial in creating a nurturing environment in which young people and staff can thrive. Skydive Hibaldstow are proud to start a new relationship with this charity offering tandem skydives whilst raising lots of money for them.

What kind of skydive will I be doing?

A Tandem skydive allows you to enjoy one minute of adrenaline-fuelled freefall harnessed to the front of a BPA-qualified instructor and you simply need a short 20-minute briefing beforehand as it is the instructor who opens and lands the parachute. It will be the most exhilarating experience of your life.

When can I skydive?

You can skydive on any date that the skydiving centre is open subject to availability.

How Much Does The Parachute Jump Cost?

In order to take part, BulliesOut asks you to raise a minimum amount of £448 in sponsorship money. This amount covers the cost of the Tandem jump which is £199 paid to Skydive Hibaldstow who offer a discounted price and a minimum donation of £249 that will come to the charity. Every extra penny that you raise over the minimum comes straight to us, so please try to raise as much as you possibly can.

Charity Information

Registered Charity Number: 1123070

Telephone: 02920 492169

Email:  fundraising@bulliesout.com

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