Poem: Parachute Jump

Monday, August 22, 2022

We were fortunate to have Chelsea Pensioner Roy Palmer join us this month for a charity tandem skydive on behalf of the Royal Hospital Chelsea. He’s raised nearly £2000 for them and had a great time skydiving at our parachute centre. Aged 83, he was the perfect tandem customer and he shows us all that age shouldn’t be a barrier to have an adventure or taking part in adrenaline sports. After the jump, he wrote this beautiful and insightful poem to express his experiences of the day. We love it and so here it is in full.

Parachute Jump

Falling in love I’m Eighty-three and Sandra is Seventy-four.
Both were suffering from the past we bore.
By reaching out and needing to be held.
We found a love that is unparalleled.
Excitement is a must, as we both found out.
To keep old age at bay there is no doubt.
We decided to do a parachute skydive as a pair.
Jumping from Fifteen Thousand feet if we dare.
The thought is sown, and arrangements made.
To to do a daredevil stunt, for which we paid.
Arriving at the airfield we both had no fear.
But we still thought the price was too dear.
A great big hug and a kiss or two.
We followed our instructor to see the training through.
Thirty-five minutes of instruction and watching videos.
Showed us what to do and lift our toes.
This is for the landing as you hit the ground.
Saving broken legs as friends you can astound.
The aeroplane is ready and jumpsuits we then don.
Boarding the aircraft together we very soon are gone.
Both attached to an instructor for a tandem jump.
Are we both brave or else a chump?
We climb slowly through the white milky clouds.
Smiling at each other and feeling proud.
There was no anxiety or fear, in either of us.
As we sit inside the plane ready to debus.
The door opens wide, and we look at the sky.
Now is the time to shout goodbye.
Sitting in the doorway getting ready to fall.
At Fifteen-thousand feet you feel quite small.
Then you have jumped and are falling fast.
As that wind hits you hard with a blast.
With hands outstretched you swirl around.
Adrenaline pumping as you fall to the ground.
With the instructor we circle round defying the law.
Falling so fast through the beautiful azure.
Ten-thousand feet in a minute of time.
Falling through the clouds it feels sublime.
A wonderful sight as you fall towards the ground.
A weightless place without any sound.
One-hundred and twenty miles per hour was our speed.
The terminal velocity of nature which you can’t exceed.
At Five-thousand feet the main chute opens wide.
Jerking you upwards swinging side to side.
You now see the panorama of the earth below.
Descending at a speed which is quite slow.
Then you prepare to land, the earth is quite near.
As your ears pop and you can hear.
We are now safely back on Gods terrain.
For the money paid would we do it again.
Yes indeed, we most certainly would.
A wonderful experience, so try it you should.
The grin on our faces showed our delight.
At the experience we gained with a weightless flight.

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