Tandem Skydiving Restrictions

Age & Weight Requirements


Tandem skydiving is designed to allow as many people as possible to enjoy freefall, however, there are a few restrictions: Weight restrictions may apply due to safety and could incur certain wind limits to jump.

If you are heavier than 95kg, an additional cost will apply up to 100kg of £15.

 CourseMin AgeMax AgeBritish Skydiving Fitness form 115BMax WeightBody Mass Index
Tandem Skydive16 with parental consentnoneSigned by doctor if unable to self-declare on form 115A 95KgSuitable wind conditions may be required.


The minimum age is 16, with parental consent for age 16/17. There is no upper age limit for tandem skydiving, subject to health, however if you are over 70 please call us to book in.

Age 16 – 17:  A parental / legal guardians signature of consent is required on 2 forms (Skydive Hibaldstow membership form/waiver, the British Skydiving Tandem student declaration of medical form 115A.) which will be provided upon booking.

Health and Fitness

Medical Conditions & Notes

We regret that certain medical conditions may prevent you from taking part in a skydive. These include epilepsy, some cardiovascular and neurological conditions, some forms of diabetes and recurring injuries. If you have previously dislocated your shoulder/arm it is vital that you inform us and consult your doctor. Please refer to the British Skydiving Forms for further details.

Downloadable Forms

Height & Weight Restrictions

The maximum weight for tandem skydiving at Hibaldstow is 95kg fully clothed. However, if you are between 95kg and 100kg, you can still skydive, but there will be an additional cost of £15. This is due to the wear and tear on the equipment. We will not accept anyone over 100kg (fully clothed) under any circumstances. 

The minimum weight is 44kg and minimum height 4ft11.
Those who have a height and/or weight under this will require a harness fitting assessment before being approved. This can be in advance, or you can arrive 15 minutes early on the day.

There is no upper height limit, as yet we have been able to accommodate taller customers, but we advise that anyone over 6ft5 will need to fit comfortably in the harness

Body Mass Index And Wind Speeds For Tandem Skydiving

  • Although it is less important to be physically fit for this type of skydiving activity, the ability to take part in a tandem skydive on a given day is based on wind strength and speed, and your own personal combination of age, height and weight.
  • You need to be aware that not all conditions are suitable for all tandem students and, for your safety sometimes your jump may be postponed until wind conditions are more suitable. In some cases, this, unfortunately, may result in your skydive being rescheduled for an alternative date.
  • This particularly affects those tandem students who are elderly, less agile, have limited mobility or are otherwise less physically fit as well as those with a high body mass index, particularly in females, or those close to the overall weight limit
  • Please also bear in mind that it is perfectly possible that wind speeds on the day could be good and suitable for all jumpers, however, it is important to be aware that the following apply:
  • We advise that customers with a BMI of 30+ should be aware that they will be assessed on the day as part of the briefing process.
  • We suggest that customers with a BMI of 35+ will need a wind speed of 10 knots or more.
  • Unfortunately for safety reasons those with a BMI of 39+ are not able to take part in a tandem skydive.
  • We hope this does not de-motivate you from taking part, but we do feel that it is important to be as honest as possible so that our customers have a realistic understanding of the complexities of such an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity and for you to appreciate that we only have your best interests and safety in mind.
  • For those with a physical disability or condition which restricts their mobility then a maximum weight limit of 12 stone applies and we are required by British Skydiving to conduct an assessment of each individual – please contact us for further details.

To Work Out Your BMI:

Divide your weight in Kilograms (Kg) by your height in Metres (m).Then Divide the answer by height again to get your BMI.

Eg. If you weigh 70kg and are 1.75m tall, then divide 70 by 1.75. The answer is 40. Then divide that answer 40 by 1.75 again. This equals your BMI of 22.9.

Our primary concern is for your safety and we may choose to postpone your jump if weather conditions are not suitable for a particular individual. As an experienced and professional dropzone, we hope that customers will respect our judgement.

Your Safety

Our primary concern is for your safety and we may choose to postpone your jump if weather conditions are not suitable for a particular individual. As an experienced and professional dropzone, we hope that customers will respect our judgement.

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