British Skydiving National Championships

4-way FS Skydiving Nationals

Once again, we have been successful in our bid to host the British Skydiving National Championships in 4 Way Formation Skydiving.

Year on year we have proven to be the BEST centre for this event and with our fast aircraft, efficient manifest system and commitment to get the competition finished, know this will be another great year to host the event.

Using InTime Scoring and BS qualified judges as usual, you will be able to watch the scoring, as it happens on the big screens in the clubhouse.

Aircraft for the competition will be Dornier G92s and Supervan Caravans.

If you are looking to Team Train, we have everything there is to offer for the serious team to train and achieve their goals. With the uncertainty of COVID and weather, why risk going abroad and potentially wasting extra money that can be used for training, when we have everything here – Fast aircraft, great team training rates, 15,000ft, team briefing rooms, ensuite accommodation, bunkrooms, camping, showers, large creeper area, RV hookups and a massive clubhouse with cafe and bar. Makes sense to train with us? Just contact


Here are the scores for the 2020 competition with 6 rounds completed out of 8 before the competition closed on Sunday the 30th August.

Team NameR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8Total
4-Way AAA
Not NFTO172022181620113
Weather Hold10131414101475
Pajama Pumas8131311121471
Les Oeufs813131291368
4-Way AA
Custard Speedtalk117111112961
Grip Tease9814109959
No Fun Intended68767337
Second Wave56783635
Rainbowsauras Rex45577533
4-Ling With Style55664430
4-Way A
Jail Buzz68978846
Pigeons in Flight36984838
Winged Hussars66975538
Ice Bank Ewe 213766124
4-Way Rookie
Formation Distancers13222212
4 Heads 3 Helmets0211217
Tilstock Tumbling Turkeys0012115
Give It a Try1001125
Awkward Dragons89986848
Blame 8 on the Bootie21435116
Omni 9978798746
Gravity Pistols13233113

How to Enter

Details for entry and rules, will be published soon.

In the meantime, why not arrange your team training with us? Dont risk going abroad when we have everything here for the serious team to train.

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InTime Scoring

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