Full 8-Level Accelerated Freefall Course

The Quickest Route To Becoming A Qualified Skydiver

What Does the full aff course involve?

The full AFF course consists of 8 jumps or ‘levels’ after which a student can progress onto unsupervised free fall. After your first AFF Level 1 skydive, because you are building on what you have already learnt in the initial ground school, the training for each of the new AFF levels takes less than an hour and so you can now make several jumps per day, weather permitting.

Once you have booked and completed your AFF Level 1 ground-training you can then arrange further jumps with your instructors – you can return as and when you have time available on weekends or during the week, or stay with us for a few days at a time if you prefer. We can be flexible to suit your needs.

AFF Level 1

All students start with the same one full day of ground-training.

AFF Levels 2 and 3

Skydive again with your two instructors but they will be able to give you a bit more freedom and both should be able to release you on the Level 3 jump. You’ll really be doing it on your own. You will need to show us that you can monitor your altitude, hold a good body position, control your orientation in the sky and deploy your own parachute before moving onto the next levels. 

AFF Levels 4 and 5

Now that you’ve shown us you’ve learnt the basics you only need one instructor with you. On these jumps you’ll practice controlling your ‘heading’ or direction, starting and stopping turns, progressing onto 360 degree turns on Level 5.

AFF Level 6

For the first time, you will be jumping out of the plane without an instructor holding onto you. Level 6 gives you the chance to demonstrate you can regain stability by performing a back loop with recovery and then practice tracking, an important skill that allows you to move forwards which is essential once you start jumping with other people.

If all goes to plan your instructor won’t need do hold onto you at all on this jump, but they will be right there just in case you need a hand.

AFF Level 7

Now you’ve learnt all these new skills you’ll be asked to show us them in a sequence. Once your are proficient in these areas and your instructors are satisfied with your performance, you can be cleared to jump without an instructor with you in free fall.

AFF Level 8

A solo skydive from 5000ft with just a short delay before opening your parachute completes your training. This skydive is to simulate an unplanned low altitude exit.

What Happens Next

Unsupervised free fall: A minimum of 10 ‘Consolidation’ jumps without an instructor must be made before you can become a licensed skydiver. Your instructors will still be working closely with you giving you new things to try in free fall and you’ll receive further canopy control training helping you achieve your canopy handling grade one certificate (CH1).

Provided you refresh your ground training at least every month and jump every two months, there are no additional costs for this. Please be aware that you have to pass each level before continuing onto the next skydive. Sometimes it is necessary to repeat a jump and these re-jumps are at an additional cost.

When can I start?

AFF First Jump Courses take place weekly all year round. Training is suitable for both Full 8-Level course students and those wishing to start with a Level 1 only.

For information regarding upcoming training courses, please view our Calendar of Events.

Please note all students are required to commit to the initial two day course which can be either a Wednesday / Thursday or Monday / Tuesday.  You can then return and continue with further levels on any day we are open for jumping.

AFF Packages

AFF Level 1 Taster

Learn to skydive with our 2-day AFF Level 1 training course. Includes temporary British Skydiving membership. This is your first step in the route to becoming a qualified skydiver.


AFF Full Course and A-Licence

Your ticket to becoming a qualified skydiver! Includes British Skydiving membership, gloves, goggles & logbook.


AFF Level 1 Gift Voucher

2-Day AFF Level 1 Training Course Includes Ground Training and AFF Level 1 Skydive from 15,000 Ft. A perfect gift voucher present valid for 1 year - simply pick a date of your choice!


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