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Accelerated Freefall Level 1

The AFF Level 1 First Jump Course is a two-day course which includes one day of ground training (day one) and a full altitude freefall skydive, up to 15,000ft, on day two. 

AFF Level 1 Pricing 2023

The £149 non refundable deposit is deducted from the total price leaving the balance payable on arrival. Gift vouchers are available for payment in full. If you want to continue the other levels in the full AFF course after completing your AFF level 1, you may do so by paying by level (see below).

You can also book to have the experience videoed by an outside cameraperson, who will also jump with you to capture the experience. Cost for this package is £99 and must be booked in advance

AFF Level 1 pricingDepositPrice Per Person
AFF Level 1
Non Refundable Deposit
£149 per person£389

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AFF Pay by Level

Once you have completed your Level 1, we hope you will want to continue with the remaining 7 levels of the course. If so, you can choose to pay per level.

Much as the dropzone centre staff want you to pass each AFF level, you are not guaranteed to do so as there are certain exercises you must carry out to a sufficient standard. In the event that you have to re-take one of your Levels then re-jumps are charged at a discounted price. These prices also apply if you have left a long period of time between jumps and are required to repeat your previous level before continuing with the course.

AFF Pay by Level

AFF Pay by LevelPriceRepeat Price (for when you have to repeat a jump)
Level 2 £230£198
Level 3 £230£198
Level 4 £153£140
Level 5 £153£140
Level 6 £153£140
Level 7 £153£140
Level 8 £48£48

AFF Consolidation Jumps

Consolidation JumpPrice
Single consolidation jump £49
Block of 10 consolidation jumps £450

AFF Full Course

This is a discounted pre-paid package price and is non-refundable. This package includes:

  • AFF Levels 1-8 (one attempt per level)
  • All ground training and instruction
  • 1 month British Skydiving membership
  • Your own gloves, goggles and logbook to keep.

Not Included:

  • Repeat levels
  • Conversion to full British Skydiving membership, accommodation and meals.

AFF Full Course Pre-Paid Package Pricing

We’ve included the price for the FULL course package below, but not the TASTER which is the level 1 course only (for that, see above). The Full Course package  includes the A-license which is an additional 10 solo consolidation jumps allowing you to qualify for the Federation Aeronautique International (FAI) A License.

AFF Full Course LevelsPrice
AFF Full Course levels 1-8 and A-License - Includes 1 month British Skydiving membership, gloves, goggles & logbook manual

Consolidation Jumps

After you have completed 7 levels of your AFF course, you will need to make an additional 10 jumps to qualify for your FAI A-License. In between these and at the discretion of the instructors, you will complete your Level 8 jump.

These jumps are solo jumps where you use our equipment and are supervised by an instructor in the aircraft. It’s a great opportunity to hone the skills you learned during AFF.

AFF Consolidation Jumps

Consolidation JumpPrice
Single consolidation jump £49
Block of 10 consolidation jumps £450

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