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Tandem Skydiving


Tandem skydiving courses

Tandem parachuting allows you to experience the thrill of freefall skydiving without any extensive training and is our most popular UK skydiving course.

After a short tandem briefing, you will jump harnessed to the front of a fully qualified parachuting instructor from 15,000ft. From this height, you will enjoy one whole adrenaline-fuelled minute of freefall reaching terminal velocity at 120mph.



Why choose a Tandem Parachute Jump?

We also offer two types of 'learn to skydive' training courses – Accelerated Freefall and Static Line parachuting. No experience is required however both of these involve one full day of sky diving training before you can jump. Therefore tandem skydiving is most people's choice as their first venture into the world of parachuting.

  • Skydive without the need for extensive training – only a 20 minute briefing is required as it is the instructor who opens and lands the parachute.
  • Enjoy the freedom of the skies and take in the view from a few miles above the earth.
  • Tandem skydiving is open to pretty much anyone as long as you are aged 16+ and weigh less than 16 stone. Our oldest skydiver to date is 93! Take a look at our full list of restrictions.

Watch a video

skydiving video

what Happens On the tandem skydiving course

Open tandem parachuteWhen you book your tandem parachute jump, you will be given an arrival time for one of our sessions. Once you arrive on-site you need to register with our reception.

  • During a group briefing, your Tandem Instructor will explain everything you need to know about your skydiving experience and you can ask as many questions as you like.
  • Your instructor will kit you in a jumpsuit and special dual harness when its your time to jump. You will also be given headgear and goggles.
  • Once you have boarded the aircraft, it takes less than 15 minutes to reach skydiving altitude and you'll be 3 miles above the dropzone.
  • After leaping from the open door you'll experience up to one minute of freefall.
  • The instructor opens your parachute at around 5,000ft and you then enjoy around 5 minutes under canopy taking in the spectacular views of the Lincolnshire Wolds before landing back on the dropzone.
  • The spectator area is not far away, so you can head back to see your friends and family before you instructor helps you out of your kit.
  • Before you leave, you will be presented with a Tandem Jump certificate to prove you were brave enough to ­skydive.
  • If you booked our DVD and photo package, then this will be ready either shortly after you land, or during busy times we may post it on to you.

Falling over LincolnshireYour skydiving experience ideally takes only a few hours and we book staggered arrival times in order to reduce waiting times as much as possible.

Normally on a weekend you will be with us for 4-5 hours and mid-week 3-4 hours so you should expect to be at Skydive Hibaldstow either for the morning or the afternoon, however we cannot account for weather or other delays so please do not be in a rush and allow yourself the whole day to enjoy this unique experience.

Please note that dogs are not permitted on the airfield (except guide dogs) under any circumstances so please do not bring them with you.  

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Tandem skydiving is designed to allow as many people as possible to enjoy freefall, however there are a few restrictions:

  Min Age Max Age BPA Fitness form 115 Max Weight Body Mass Index
Tandem Skydive 16 with parental consent none Age 40+ (or with medical conditions at any age) 16st / 100kg Suitable wind conditions may be required

The maximum weight for tandem skydiving is 16 stone (approx 100kg) fully clothed.

  • Although it is less important to be physically fit for this type of skydiving activity, you need to be aware that not all conditions are suitable for all tandem students and, for your safety sometimes your jump may be postponed until wind conditions are more suitable. In some cases this unfortunately may result in your skydive being rescheduled for an alternative date.
  • This particularly affects those tandem students who are elderly, less agile, have limited mobility or are otherwise less physically fit as well as *those who have a high body mass index of 27.5 or over* (please see chart on our restrictions document), particularly in females, or those close to the overall weight limit.
  • For those with a physical disability or condition which restricts their mobility then a maximum weight limit of 12 stone applies and we are required by the British Parachute Association to conduct an assessment of each individual - please contact us for further details.

Overall minimum age is 16+.

  • Age 16 - 17. The minimum age for tandem skydiving is 16 years. A parental / legal guardians signature of consent is required on three forms (the centre membership form, the BPA Tandem student declaration of medical form 115 and the BPA membership agreement) which will be provided upon booking.
  • Age 16 – 39. Will be required to sign a BPA Tandem Student Declaration of medical form 115. Those unable to sign the form due to medical conditions or injuries must bring a copy signed and stamped by their doctor instead.
  • Age 40+. There is no upper age limit for tandem sky diving – we have had 90 year olds jump with us. However those aged 40 or over must bring a fully completed BPA Tandem Student Declaration of medical form 115 signed and stamped by their doctor along on the day of their jump.

Medical Conditions & Notes
We regret that certain medical conditions may prevent you from taking part in a skydive. These include epilepsy, some cardiovascular and neurological conditions, some forms of diabetes and recurring injuries. A full list with notes can be found on the back of the BPA form. You can also contact the parachute centre on 01652 648837 if you have any questions.

You can download a copy of the BPA Tandem Student Declaration of fitness form 115 here.


Only the official BPA forms should be used – letters or notes from doctors or medicals for any other activity will not be accepted. Everyone needs to complete the top section of the form. The bottom section of the form is to be signed and stamped by a doctor for those aged 40 or over, or for those with medical conditions, recent or recurring injuries or are unable to declare themselves fit to jump for any reason regardless of their age. All forms should be brought along on the day – we do not require them in advance. 

A full list of restrictions for all our skydiving courses can be downloaded here.

Your Safety
Our primary concern is for your safety and we may choose to postpone your jump if weather conditions are not suitable for a particular individual. As an experienced and professional dropzone, we hope that customers will respect our judgement.


Prices Per Person Anytime Tandem Skydive Midweek Mon - Fri*
1 or 2 people £240 each £200 each
3 or 4 people £225 each £200 each
5 to 9 people £210 each £190 each
10+ people £195 each £185 each
30+ people £190 each £185 each
50+ people £185 each £185 each
NUS cardholders £225 each £225 each

*Midweek price excludes Bank Holidays

DVD and Photo Package

Hire your own personal cameraman to film and photograph the experience of your life to keep forever! Package includes a fully edited DVD and digital photos on CD.
The price is per person as although the cameraman can film your friends on the ground and whoever you are with in the aircraft, they are only able to jump out with one tandem in freefall.

Tandem DVD & Photos (payable on arrival) £95 per person
Tandem DVD & Photos (pre-booked) £90 per person
Tandem DVD & Photos Deposit (balance of £70 payable on arrival) £ 20 per person

AFF at sunsetWhen you can skydive with us

Skydive Hibaldstow is always open on Sundays and Bank Holidays

High Season June, July & August
Open 7 days a week

Mid-season  April, May & September
Open 6 days a week closing on Tuesdays

Low season October - March
Open 5 days a week closing on Mondays & Tuesdays

How to book the experience of your life

We will need the following details for every jumper to ensure they are within the restrictions:

  • Name
  • Age, weight & height
  • Contact mobile phone number & email address
  • Preferred jump date and an alternative date
  • Payment of a non-refundable £75 deposit (or £95 with video)

You can book by

  • Phone – call and speak to one of our skydiving advisors on
    01132 505 600.
  • Online here and your payment will be securely processed.
  • Email – your details to our Booking Office and we can send you a paylink to securely process your payment. 

Organising a group or charity event?

We understand you may need time to get everyone organised so we are happy to reserve places for groups of 10 or more for up to 2 weeks when deposits will need to be paid.

We can also advise on how best t