Why We Like Tandem Skydiving

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Today, we are talking about our favourite thing – tandem skydiving. We’ve got a series of quotes from our happy customers talking about their experiences doing their first freefalls.

For most, making a tandem skydive will be their biggest leap into the unknown. Even though, we only freefall for around a minute, these seconds will be the most memorable and intense of our lives. We’re not just saying this because we are a skydiving business, but simply for the reason skydiving is totally amazing!

Our skydiving courses can be done midweek (slightly cheaper) or at weekends. The training takes around 20 minutes where you will learn everything you need to know – the freefall body position, how the equipment works and how to land. The tandem skydiving course was specifically designed to allow customers with zero jumps to skydive with one of our trusty instructors.

Many of our skydivers raise thousands of pounds for worthwhile charities too. Learn about their charity experiences here.

Or, if you simply want to get a skydive booked, click the button below and make that amazing one in a lifetime adventure happen!

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