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Thursday, July 27, 2023

Many years ago Skydive Hibaldstow introduced the concept of the “Charity Tandem Skydive” and it’s been a successful hit ever since for both skydivers and charities alike.

For most of our customers, they will most likely do a single skydive in their life, a tandem jump. It’s a tick in the box, a bucket-list adventure and we absolutely love making those dreams come true. For those who’ve never jumped out of an airplane at 15,000ft, it’s simply a beautiful experience set in a world of 120mph of air. Our instructors are trained to the highest standards and will look after you for every step, or foot of freefall!

How Is It Free?

The dropzone works with many local charities here in Lincolnshire and nationally to host specific dates where organised groups can gather customers together. You will typically be asked to fundraise a minimum double the cost of the skydive, with many raising much more than this minimum. So for example, if you did a jump midweek which would normally cost £179, the charity would ask you to raise a minimum £358 (or will round it up to around £360) of which 50% will go to pay for the cost of your jump. In fact, many go on to raise more more than the minimum!

Organised versus Your Own Event

Most tandem jumpers will go with an organised event, led by the charity. However, there’s also the option to run your own mini-charity event. This starts by first checking with the charity that they are happy for you to do a skydive in their name and what their minimum fundraising amount is. As with an orangised charity day, this is typically double the cost of the jump. Next, you’ll need to contact the dropzone and book your jump. You can do this in several ways:

  • Use our online booking system accessible from our website by clicking Book Now on the top menu bar – Note, this will take you to our booking software website called Burblesoft.
  • Call our booking office on 01652 648837.

Once you’ve got a date booked, then it’s time to start doing some fundraising. Reach out to your work colleagues, friends and family to sponsor you. This is where your ability to reach out and network comes in handy.

Charity Fundraising Tips

When it comes to getting donors to support your skydive, here’s some good tips for you:

  1. Organise an evening at your home or at your office. Show some videos of other skydivers doing their thing so that they realise how out of the ordinary it is for someone to skydive. Tandem skydiving requires bravery, it’s a whole different level to a sponsored walk, so we think you are much more likely to get friends to signup.
  2. Arrange some “fundraising slots” and get your family members to take a slot. For example, 10 slots of £20. Doing that is already more than 50% of your fundraising target.
  3. Create some sponsorship slips and put them on the wall at your work office common area. Ask each person for a small amount, say £5. That is more manageable and can quickly accumulate a lot of money.
  4. Get a t-shirt printed with the charities’ logo and have some photos taken. Then post it on your local Facebook groups along with a YouTube link of someone else jumping. Create some legitimacy to attract those that don’t know you.
  5. Take a walk on your local street and knock on the door of the neighbors you know. It’s surprising the power local communities have.
  6. Team up with a work colleague or your boss (it’s happened before) and see if their company would be willing to sponsor you. Many companies both small / large often allocate a charity budget.

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