We Love the UK Nationals

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Over the weekend, we were proud to host the UK National Skydiving Championships in 4-way. The sun was shining all weekend, without a single weather hold and some 32 teams turned up to compete across the 4 different categories of 4-way (Rookie, A, AA and AAA).

Hibaldstow has always had a long love affair with the competition scene and this weekend reinforced why we love hosting these type of events. There were so many new faces making their first competitions and of course, long-established ones too!

Giving Back to the Next Generation

Skydiving has always had a strong line of high-level competitions giving back to the community to bring on the next generation of skydivers and this year was no different. The likes of Cath Leather, Sian Stokes, Kate Lindsley, Mick Doherty (and others) could be seen offering their FS coaching knowledge to various teams.

Having a decent coach makes such a difference and it was obvious on the podiums, the value that they added.

Our First Nationals

Rather than just write a few paragraphs of who won and with what average, we thought it would be much more interesting to hear from you the competitors about your own experiences…



Radek Zielski from team Cloud 9 has just put this compilation video together of their experiences at the competition and we think it really reflects everything which is special about the competition scene.

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