Valentines – Win Two Free Tandem Jumps

Monday, February 5, 2024

Everyone loves the chance to win something for nothing. This Valentine’s Day, we are running our latest tandem skydiving giveaway for two lucky people! It’s very simple – look out for our post on Instagram and Facebook , then like it, share it to your story and finally leave us a comment tagging your Valentine or anybody you want to go skydiving with.

We’ll then pick a winner out at random and they will get two free 15,000ft tandem skydives with our trusty instructors. Good luck!


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What Does it Feel Like To Skydive?

It’s the question many of our potential customers ask before signing on the dotted line. Comparisons are often made to riding on a rollercoaster or sticking your head out of a car window (not recommended!). But in truth, it’s very different. The sensation of freefall at 120mph is more similar to a float feeling, except very noisy and windy. It’s a great feeling and it’s not until the parachute rapidly slows you down at the end of the skydive that you realise how fast you were going. It’s some serious adrenaline to be hurtling towards the earth so fast.

Once the parachute is open, it’s the complete antithesis to the freefall. It’s a much quieter and more serene experience. Here, you’ll have the chance to take in the beautiful scenery and on a clear day, you can see all the way to the coast.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The voucher is valid for 6 months and must therefore be used by the 14th August 2024. A 6 month extension to the voucher is allowed at a cost of £50.
  2. The voucher for the winner is not transferable, although additional skydive for one family member / friend / partner is.
  3. Any video / photos from the skydive may be shared to our social media channels.
  4. Winner will be announced on Instagram / Facebook and a private message then sent.

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