The 8 Stages of Skydiving

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

For most people, your first skydive is a leap of faith into the unknown. So we put this cool infographic together titled “The 8 Stages of Skydiving“. Here’s some more info on it in addition to the infographic:

  1. Should I? – Being inspired to make your first skydive can come as a challenge, spur of the moment, or an idea which takes years to seed. Often, it’s a good cause such as one of our charity skydives which provides the impetus; but it can be a stag do or birthday present which see’s you signup your £50 deposit!
  2. The Waiting – As the day approaches for you to arrive at Skydive Hibaldstow, you might (probably) be getting nervous thinking “can I really do this?” or “am I going to survive?”. If your skydive is for charity, you will have been very busy convincing your friends, colleagues and family to have faith in you and your special cause. Fingers crossed, some of them will be joining you on the day too.
  3. The Night Before – This is the time when you are checking out every weather forecast on the internet that you can find, maybe losing a bit of sleep or traveling down the night before for one of our early 8am starts.
  4. The Day Of – This is it, the day you arrive at our dropzone and sign your paperwork. It’s not signing your life away, it’s putting yourself in the zone where you trust one of our many talented, super-qualified tandem instructors. It’s also the time when the adrenaline really starts to flow as you sit in on your training class. The adrenaline is really going to kick in when the aircraft hangar door opens and one of our amazing jumpships rolls out.
  5. The Plane Ride – We organise our tandem groups by various time-slots during the day. On your training class, you will learn about what’s expected of you, how to exit the airplane, what to do in freefall and how to instructor will guide you both through landing the parachute. Don’t worry, we’ve done it thousands of time, so that when you climb aboard, you can enjoy the quick ride up to altitude.
  6. The Jump – Humans were never born with wings, but the moment you step out of our airplane, you will believe you have! It’s exhilarating to say the least and such a buzz. Enjoy the stunning views whilst falling at 120mph and on a clear day, you can expect to see the Humber estuary and even the Lincolnshire coastline. If you have elected to jump from our max altitude of 15,000ft, it will take nearly a minute before the parachute is opened, after which you can then chill-out as you float gently back to our dropzone over 4 or 5 minutes. Our skydives are very much ying and yang – the exhilerating freefall and the gentle parachute ride second half.
  7. I Did It – When you touch down, you will have left that special place, but you will feel a great sense of endeavor and fulfillment as you did something totally radical and unique. Not many of the planets 7 billion can say that they achieved what you did and for that reason, we think skydiving is very special and amazing.
  8. You Relive It – If you got the photo & video package, you can then view the jump the expert pics and video footage edited just for you. We hope you’ll upload it to social media for even more bragging rights. And lastly, we hope you’ll consider another skydive – a Level 1 Accelerated Freefall course. It’s where you spend a whole day training and then jump with 2 of our instructors. You can expect to open and land your own parachute!

We hope you enjoyed our 8 Stages of Skydiving, see you soon.

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