Accelerated Freefall Offer for Feb and March

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

We’ve got a great new offer on at the moment on our Full AFF Course. During the months of February and March, we are knocking off a healthy £150 from the normal price. You may ask why we’ve done it, the reason is because it’s a new decade and we want to see lots more new skydivers graduating from our courses!

If you chat to any of our students, they will tell some interesting stories of how their lives have changed when they took their first leap of faith and jumped with two of our instructors over the stunning countryside of Lincolnshire from 15,000ft.

So how does it work?

The course comprises of 8 exciting levels where you will gradually learn new skills starting from simply falling flat and stable, all the way to doing turns, back loops and moving forwards. The accelerated freefall course really is a lot of fun and it’s pretty intensive too!

You’ll start with a full day of training, where you learn about how the parachute works (main and reserve), how to communicate with your instructors, how to adopt the basic freefall body position, open your parachute and navigate. We’ll also teach you how to deal with problems too.

Each skydive is from 15,000ft, which is the same altitude as experienced qualified skydivers jump from. That gives you around one minute of freefall with which to do all the exercises in each skydive. We like to think our instructors are the best – they’ve amassed thousands of skydives between them and really know their stuff.

After your first jump is complete, you will have a debrief with your instructors and will be given pointers for the next jump. If you’ve passed, you will then be briefed up for the next level, there are 8 levels in fact to pass!

My Experience

“As I write this, I think back many years ago to when I learned to skydive. They were some of my most memorable skydives and whilst I was somewhat scared on the first few parachute jumps, it was the quality of the teaching which helped me through it. I went straight through my course over a period of about 6 weeks jumping only at weekends.

Since then, I’ve my wife, competed internationally, jumped all around the world and made some life-long friends.” Sid B

Pic credits: Martin Skrbel, Rob Spour, NFTO, Fraser Corsan – thanks

How to Book

Booking is very simple:





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