Interview Kaylie Gooch – May 2016

Monday, May 23, 2016

What gave you the idea to choose to do a tandem skydive over a sponsored walk or run for example?

I have always wanted to try skydiving, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity so when my auntie mentioned she had seen the hospice were holding a charity skydive event we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to fulfil our dream and raise money for a brilliant charity. 

Do you have any connection with St. Andrew’s Children Hospice?

As a student nurse, I know the importance of hospices. And the brilliant job providing a haven and creating memories for family and friends of individuals with life-limiting or terminal illnesses. We never know when we might need to use them for our own family and friends. 

How did you find the experience?

The whole day was brilliant from start to finish. All the team from checking in to leaving at the end of the day were supportive and professional throughout. Nerves built up through the morning but as soon as I met my tandem partner Jonno, I was put at ease by his friendly jokey personality.

He explained thoroughly throughout the dive each step ensuring I was happy with what we were expected to do and answered any questions.

The best part of the dive for me was the jumping out and the free fall (even though I apparently said a few un-lady like words, which I can’t remember!). The adrenaline started pumping around the body and cold air hitting you falling through the clouds is an unexplainable feeling. The parachute opened with what felt like seconds and Jonno pointed out all the landmarks around and gave me control of the parachute.

I had been dreading the landing, but Jonno went through it again to ensure I knew what was happening and what was expected of me. He is a credit to the Skydive Hibaldstow team. I left the centre on a high which took a while to come down from. 

How much did you raise?

Between my auntie (who also did a skydive) and myself, we managed to raise £600 between us.

Would you consider doing it again or perhaps an Accelerated Freefall Level 1 course?

Yes, I will be looking for more charity events being held to give me the chance to do this again. 

Do you have any advice for anyone else thinking of making their first skydive?

Enjoy every second, given the opportunity of doing it again, I would book the DVD film because it all goes so quickly and you are so high on adrenaline at the time it would be great to look back on the experience.

Now it’s sunk it what an amazing experience it is I would highly recommend anyone to try it.

Lastly, have you ever done any other exciting or extreme sports before?

I have paraglided and I am a keen horse rider but I can’t say that comes close to skydiving.

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