The British 4-Way National Championships AA

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The heavily contended AA category was fraught with a tight, emotional battle for the top slots. 

Not firing off well at the start, Vantage worked hard to recover their tough first rounds, and though energetic the team could not quite take back their slow start. Vantage took Bronze. 

The battle for the top slots went right to the last round and concluded with one point between Pajama Pumas and home team SaltyJacks. No rest for the wicked though as most of the top team jetted out to a boogie straight after the event!


1GBR436 – Salty Jacks1910911111311892
2GBR432 – Pajama Pumas1811111111119991
3GBR433 – Vantage1198131114101187
4GBR435 – Sausage Addicts139811799773
5GBR434 – Funtime Piglets131067997566
6GBR437 – Dive Hard 4.011986698865


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