The British National Championships Rookie

Thursday, August 24, 2017

And unfortunate sequence of pool camera busts for Fireflies put them behind from the start of the meet, givign them a real battle to find their place. The battle rolled all the way through to a jump off where Shadow and Fireflies drew again! Shadow just pippedd them to the post for gold!


1GBR485 – RAFSPA Shadow9671398128772
2GBR486 – Fireflies476151111108772
3GBR482 – Flying Fossils4851288111571
4GBR487 – Smash ‘n’ Grab107513992964
5GBR489 – Thursganeers464108791260
6GBR488 – Anemoi63787791057
7GBR483 – Aero4m5638657747
8GBR484 – Strong & Unstable6435647540
9GBR490 – Luu Bat8512557639
10GBR481 – Punch Ali4323310420


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