Team Training in 2020

Monday, December 9, 2019

Skydive Hibaldstow hosted its first UK National Skydiving Championships back in 1996 and we’ve done it every year with the exception of one. So we think it’s fair to say that we love teams, competition and team training. Next year is no exception, we’re hosting the UK Nationals again and we’ve got plenty of other bigway formation competitions to announce as well.

But let’s get started with our team training opportunities:

Team Training

Many British teams train with us at Skydive Hibaldstow. If you’re thinking of training with us, let us know as far in advance as you can for a weekend or midweek camp. That way, we can help coordinate to make sure you get the jumps in that you want. It’s not unusual for teams to do 16 in a day with us!

Just to clarify the great deal we’re offering – If you buy a block of 50 team training jump tickets, we can offer then at an incredible rate of £17.80 per person for 4-way. If you’re an 8-way team training from 15,000ft, we can offer them at £20 per person.




Twenty for Twenty

Not everyone is a part of skydiving team, so we wanted to cater for you too. Simply buy a block of 20 experienced jump tickets for £400 with no expiry date and get skydiving!

These jump tickets can be used on any day you like and we can’t wait to see you here.

Bigway Formation Skydiving Competitions

In 2020, we’re excited to announce several events taking place:

6-Way Speed, FS & Accuracy Meet

21-22nd March – We’ve got the return of the exciting 6-way competition. It’s always a lot of fun and quite different from your usual event. It starts with a speed star and points are allotted on the team with the fastest build. So at the moment, we already have 5 teams entering, so the fastest team would score 5 points. The second fastest would score 4 points – you get the idea! After that, we have a series of interesting 6-way FS randoms and blocks for you to have a go at, nothing too hard though. And then for the finish, we’ve marked out a 10-meter ring, anyone who does a safe, stand-up landing within that ring gets an extra point (up to a maximum of 4 points per round).

If you want to take part, drop Simon Brentford a message on Facebook or via

14-way Competition

9-10th May – This is going to be one of our center-piece competitions for 2020. We’ve got Cath Leather, Rich Cotton and Jim Bradwell leading a team each in a 14-way sequential competition. We’ll have an entry form for you soon, or you can also express your interest on the Facebook Event here.

4-Way Summer Scrambles

20-21st June – In the third of our competition series, we’ve got another great scrambles type event. It’s organised by Cath Leather and we really hope to have a bucket load of teams taking part. The idea is to really mix things up, so then when everyone preps their first round, no one knows who’s going to win. Find out more here soon or get in touch with Cath.



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