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With the close of the season looming in the background of December, it was time to lighten up a...
With the close of the season looming in the background of December, it was time to lighten up a...
We've settled in a little now as the winter starts to loom, but we still get beautiful days, and...

UK Nationals - Weekend 2

Date posted: 
Friday, 2 September, 2016

The UK National Skydiving Championships are over and despite some terrible weather, we managed to complete the competition in time!

4-way Rookie

It was a roll-over weekend from the 4-way and fortunately the vast majority of the teams were able to make it back. Well done to the Lightning Ducks, Trojan Rabbits and Fat Bird's Can't Fly who were all coached by Hib's Stubert's Formation Foundry over the year and took gold, silver and bronze in the 4-way Rookie.

Rookie Formation Foundry teams

Tyrano4us Rex

4-Way A

Moving up to the single A class - The gold and silver were a very close run thing between Colostomy and Viento 99. Coming into the final round, Colostomy had a 2 point lead and Vient0 99 put in a valiant effort, but could only make up 1. Some 4 points behind were Dive Hard 4.0 who put some good scores in, but faded in the final 2 rounds.

4-way AA

Next, AA. The gold medal went to Tyrano4us Rex who decided to come on stage with an inflatable mascot. We love a team that likes to have fun! Silver went to team RAFSPA Lightning who have trained hard all season. They also took gold at the Langar GP in May. In bronze, the confusingly similar named team Tryano4them Rex did the jump of their year to take 3 points on Kesshin. It could have gone either way, with Kesshin working hard this season (over 80 training jumps), but sadly, it wasn't their day.

4-way - AAA

In the AAA class, there was an exact repeat of last year in placings. All 3 teams had worked hard over the year and had increased their average on a difficult competition draw. So well done to Satori XL our new national 4-way champions with an average of 20.4 and silver to 4mula on 18.5. 4mula had changed a team member this year with Sian Stokes entering the team. The bronze was taken by Vision 99 who competed 
at the World Air Games in 2015. They increased their average to 18.1 and undoubtedly, it would have been significantly higher if there had been no roll-over.

The first draw was D-F-P-K-2 which might not mean much for most, but was in fact a super fast round.

Mental Blocs


Vertical Formation skydiving had a great turnout of 4 teams this year. It's such a difficult discipline to compete in and arguably has the hardest job for a cameraman to get right as there are arms and legs always in the way which can cause busts (penalty points).

Last years' winners Omni 99 won again with a resounding 8.6 average. In the silver medal position, were long-time team QFX who had 2 new players this year and one of their performers, Gary Crisp had also moved into the camera slot. In 3rd place, was Excite 96 who made a great first competition average of 4.1 with over 100 training jumps this season.

8-way Senior

Last year, there was a real shock to the senior 8-way category. Long-standing team Micoclim8 were beaten by the Ex-Presidents who were little more than a scratch team at the time. The Ex-Presidents decided not to go to the World Championships and so Micoclim8 took that slot and have since done a lot of training at Skydive Hibaldstow and Empuriabrava over the season. And it shows. They won decisively with a 13.5 average to 11.2 from the Ex-Presidents.

The bronze went to the Zombie Killer Rabbits (ZKR) who were a scratch team formed the weekend before beating 3 other trained teams.

ZKR just landed

The Ex-Presidents with the Fun Flag

8-way Intermediate

In the 8way Intermediate category, there were only 3 teams represented, but they were all characters in their own right. So well done to Hibaldstow local team Chunk who won gold with a resounding 23 point lead over the BCP8.1 team in silver.

The BCPA had quite a few teams also competing in both the 4-way and 8-way, so it's great to see their presence in national-level competitions increasing. In the bronze 
medal were Insalmon8 (don't ask what it means!), who were mostly freeflyers coming together to see "what all this sausage-grabbing business was all about". They had some absolutely comedy gold moments during their jumps and entertained us all.

Freefly A

Moving on to the Artistic events. Varial Freefly and Euphoria have been battling against each other for many years and this year was no different. Both are going to Chicago for the World Championships in just over a week and the judges had assured the teams that the scores they were giving, were world level too. It very much looked like Euphoria were going to take back their title - until round 5 when they 
had a bad jump to only score a 7.2 to Varials 8.1.

Consistency is the game in this discipline. Well done to team Parallel for taking the bronze in their first nationals together. Teams Parallel and Aquila has a very close battle together. In fact, Aquila were winning it up until round 5, however, Parallel pulled off 2 blinding rounds at the end to pull ahead.

We think that this year, there has been a record number of teams competing in the freefly disciplines, with a total of 13 vying for the podium. 

Freefly B

In the Freefly B category, the gold was fought out between OTT and Hibs Most Infamous. It could easily have gone either way with both teams messing up and also putting some high scores up too. In the end, OTT took the gold by only half a point.

Well done to RAFSPA Vulcan winning the bronze - we think this is the first RAFSPA Freefly B win for quite a few years?

Freestyle is a specialist discipline requiring perfect coordination between camera and performer. The cameraman's angle is just as important as the performer and a well-rehearsed routine takes a lot of training. Last year, Varial Freestyle won the gold in Freestyle A; however this year, new kids on the block Volosity Freestyle had done a lot of training with their new routine.

They easily won with a world-class score of 57.5 which had it been the World Air Games last year would have given them the silver medal in fact! So, Varial took the silver with a score of 54.2 and Revolution took the bronze. All credit to their performer Emma Hart who has recently become a Mum!

Special note must also go to the Clumsy Ninjas who did a respectable 43.8 after moving up a category from Freestyle B last year.

Euphoria - silver - Freefly A

Freestyle B

Freestyle B only had one entrant this year, team Nova. But they put on a consistent display averaging between 6.5 and 7.5 for all their rounds.

Who the F is Barry Manilow - Freefly B

Speed Skydiving

Speed Skydiving has steadily been growing around the world and this year saw 10 entrants take part including Henrik Raimer all the way from Sweden! Looking at the scores, they were by far the highest averages seen at a UK competition. Unless you were doing 451.98 Km/hr (281 mph), you didn't even get a place on the podium.

What is worth noting is the closeness between 3rd place and 5th, just 0.43 km/hr 
incredibly. Not only that, but 7 out of the 10 competitors took personal bests. Max Hurd who took the silver, put 75.4 km/hr on his PB!

Well done to Mikey Lovemore with another winning average of 483.16 km/hr! He has been on form this year setting the 2nd fastest speed of all time earlier this year. Henrik entered the competition as a guest competitor and came 2nd overall, but does not qualify in the UK standings though. He put a PB in of 480.99 km/hr on his last round.

Matt Bryne - Speed Skydiver

Many thanks to Rob Lloyd for the photos.

So that's it, but it's not over. We have plenty to look forward to at the dropzone with Sausagefest, Halloween Frostbite Friendly, lots of walk-up FS & FF load organising weekend, visits to our sister dz Skydive Algarve planned.